Tuesday Preview, USA Senior Cup Teams in New Zealand

All matches start at 10am NZ time


Women’s 35, Lenglen: Seeded #4, play Luxembourg on Court 9

Women’s 40, Young Cup, Seeded #1, play Turkey on Court 12

Men’s 40, Trabert Cup, Seeded #2, have a bye


Women’s 50, Bueno: Seeded #1, play Turkey

Women’s 55, Connolly: Seeded #1, play Turkey

Men’s 55, Austria: Seeded #2, play Austria


Women’s 45,  Court: Seeded #1, bye

Men’s 35, Italia, Seeded #3, bye

Men’s 45, Dubler, Seeded #2, bye

Men’s 50, Perry, Seeded #1, bye

Click here for results.

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