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  • Nike Cat 2, Portland Oregon

    I have played the Nike Cat 2 many times over the years. My cousins, Don and Janet Beer live in Tigard so I have the fun of visiting them. I have been asked how the tournament is, if it is nice (it is). In a year in which most Cat 1 and Cat 2 tournament participation is down, first year tournament director Linda Temple said that entries were up 20% over last year! That tells you what players, especially Pacific NW players think of the tournament.

    Ok , so how did the tournament go…well, it was quite warm till today, Sunday, 80s and 90s and sunny. There were quite a few sunburned Oregonians by Saturday. However, Sunday (July 15!), it was a typical midwinter day (for San Diego)… It drizzled. The tournament immediately moved indoors and most matches were played indoors even though the skies cleared by midday and the courts dried. I played Chris Ramsower-Pearlstein in the final, iindoors. She had a tussle yesterday with Bonnie Tetrick but rallied from 2-5 in the 2nd set to win 64 76. Today I won 60 64, it was a tough 2nd set. Chris and her husband Irv had more than a couple cousins..they had a fan club that came to watch!

    In the afternoon, Manola and I won the 45 doubles over Amy Miller and Carol Sandoz 63 64, rallying from 0-3 in the second set. It was a very fun match, lots of net exchanges.

    Manola won the 45 singles easily today, 60 61.

    Normally during the event players can make a donation to the Greater Portland Tennis Council and in return gain access to the Nike employee store for a day. I signed up early and went Thursday which was fun…my blight yellow Nike Free shoes could light up a dark room. Unfortunately for anyone who signed up later, issues arose and there was no more access this year.

    The first day I saw Joyce Jones, who has been named to her first Cup team (She is soooo excited) at age 80+. So I took some photos of her in action.

    I am en route back to San Diego, but it was another nice long weekend in Portland. Thanks Linda, Dana and everyone who worked so hard to put he tournament together.









  • Third Final

    I played Hildegarde Bruggraber from Austria today and won 60 62. I played pretty well and it was a quick match. It’s another hot day so it’s just as well. I warmed up with Tony from Australia today…he unfortunately lost a tough singles…but has doubles.

    I watched Fred Drilling play a solid match to dispatch Bodo Nitsche of Germany in the quarters, and I think he plays Petr Pokorny tomorrow. He was just starting to play doubles when I left, with the same partner with whom he won the European Championships last week.

    Toni Novack and I probably play doubles tomorrow…times and dates are never announced till about 7pm the night before play. We are in the 45s…they combined 45, 50 & 55 into one draw of 8 teams…we were the only 55 team so I would have thought they would have put us in with the 60s. We aren’t seeded, since it’s 45s (our points get discounted too much for a seed), but we’ll have to see how it goes.

    I caught up with Petro Kruger (and found out it’s Petro, not Petra!) who is into her third final in as many weeks. There were upsets in the 65s..it was a small but potent draw. Petro plays Michele Bichon from France..Michele beat Carol Campling yesterday 60 61 in the first round. Heide Orth is rolling in the 70s.

    I think I will play the singles  final tomorrow. My opponents didn’t start play till an hour ago. I was going to watch, but ended up  working on USTA projects.

    I forgot the photo today, but will try to take one tomorrow with Hildegarde. If I play Julia Smutny in the final I know I will be reminded to take a photo, she likes them of herself.

    Update: I play Smutny in the final, she won easily today. The final is not tomorrow but we have doubles late in the afternoon.





  • Practicing in the Heat

    I had a bye today, but practiced twice with one of the Aussies, Tony, a lefty who is in the 40s. I hit with him and 2 other guys, an Aussie, Manuel, who is in the 45s and a Czech player. It was challenging but fun.

    The balls here are US Open hard (heavy duty) balls. All here tournaments here have used a Wilson branded ball, but all here have been different types.

    They are very strict here about clearing the courts after the allotted practice time of 7:45-8:45….even though no matches began before 10 today. Tomorrow matches start at 9 and I am scheduled for 10:30 at the Leonstein courts near by. I went there today and saw Fred drilling of he USA win a 70s match under hot conditions. He is playing on a German team based in Berlin and had time between team matches for tournaments. That’s Fred below in action (iPhone!).

    I also saw Heide Orth and Toni Novack today, and Toni and I met for dinner. She plays the top seed in the60s tomorrow. Heide is the top seed in the 70s.

    I hit a second time at 5 at some courts about a mile from my hotel, and feel well prepared for my match tomorrow. It was quite wam today, sunny and 90ish…

    Some photos below of he Leonstein cts.






  • Baden-Baden

    I made it to Baden-Baden successfully…3 trains, 2 taxis and a stopover in Munich. The trains are nice here and the ride scenic and relaxing, especially the part of the ride through Austria.

    My hotel is about a mile from the courts, along the scenic Lichenter Allee. I am off soon to find a bicycle to rent!

    The weather today is not good, but should be fine by Wednesday when I play my first match.

    Photos below from the train ride, the Munchen Hauptbahnhof, the Lichentaler Allee, and the club.






  • On to Germany

    Today the weather was quite nice for tennis, 70s and mostly dry. The final was moved up to 2nd match, and we were on about 10:30. I won 60 60 against Julia Smutney, the 2nd seed. She had a slight problem with her hamstring…she was the recipient of a lot of drop shots, since she was complaining about it a lot. Plus it is red clay we were playing on.

    Petra Kruger won the 65s over 70s world champion Sophia Garaguly 63 60.

    Now I am on the train to Munich, and from there go to Baden-Baden. The weather looks wet in Germany, good thing I strung up a racquet with nylon for this trip.

    Today there was a triathlon that went past one end of the tennis club and past my hotel.. A swim in the Worthersee, then the bike race, then running. Everyone looked really fit, I suppose that’s a given. It made getting a taxi a bit tricky, but I managed.

    I ran into another American, Hugh Stewart here today, waiting for his doubles match. He plays in the 80s and has won a gold ball in the past with my dad. He’s in the photo with Jan Johns below.



  • Nideffer, Karwasky, Anderson, Canby Win Singles in La Jolla; Obgborne/Russell & Lyons/Magers Win Doubles at Indoors; Bradshaw Wins 80 Indoors

    Homewood, 35-55 Indoors

    The last singles seed in the 35s fell today in the semis; Amy Alcini, the top seed, retired down 63 32 to Simone Bruetting (hurt calf); Simone will face Jill Vanderkool in the final. In doubles, Joanne Russell played way down into the 35s and played excellent doubles, combining with Julie Ogborne to oust Alcini/Mary Beth Williams 62 64 and win the gold.

    In the 45s, Anna Zimmerman beat Shelly Works for the second time this year, edging her 76 in the third in the semis. The two are good friends and actually warmed up together before playing the match. Gretchen Magers and Jennifer Lyons warmed up for their singles match by playing the doubles final. They upset the world champions, Alissa Finerman/Erika Smith 61 64. Gretchen then beat Jennifer 62 64. Gretchen said of her doubles partner that she had an uncanny ability to keep the ball low…Gretchen has an uncanny ability to see where the ball is going before her opponent even knows where she’s hitting it.

    In the 55s, Susan Wright beat Leslie Murveit 60 62 and the match was done before Kim Jones and I finished the first set. I won the battle this time 76 (1) 62, and Pat Purcell gets an assist for tiring Kim out the day before in their 3 sets match. In doubles, Russell and Jan Kirkland-Cochran beat Murveit/Purcell, the defending champions 75 62 (Pat said after the first set, Russell was everywhere on the court) and Susan and I beat Jones/Barbara Hess.


    La Jolla, 50-90 Hard Courts:

    Ros Nideffer added the 50 Hard Court title to her 50 singles world championship title today, beating Tracy Houk 61 63. Fran Chandler too third, beating Mariana Hollman 60 63. Houk however did win a gold ball today, taking the doubles title with Lisa Naumu (Seeman) over Tracey Thompson/Robin Harris 63 64. Chandler/Myke Loomis took the bronze.

    In the 60s, Tina Karwasky is half way to a Gold Slam and the toughest tasks are behind her (the clay). She lost 5 games during the tournament and 4 were in the final against her doubles partner, Mary Ginnard, whom she beat 62 62. They had a much tougher task in doubles, edging Marcia Hamburg/Sue Morgan 64 75.

    Cathie Anderson beat Charleen HIllebrand for the second time this year, this time in a final, 62 63, to win the 70 singles title. Hillebrand and Suella Steel scored the gold balls though in the doubles, beating Sally Huss and Anita Palmer 63 64. Steel also took the singles bronze with a come from behind win over Lurline Fujii.

    Margaret Canby beat Louise Russ for the 80 singles title…I believe it was her first singles gold ball. She beat the top 2 seeds to take the title. Jane Lutz/Angie Ray cruised to the doubles title, beating Russ/Janet Hubbard in the final. Canby/Carol Cofer took the bronze.

    Dodo Cheney won her 396th gold ball in the 90 doubles, teaming with 90s newcomer Betty Cookson to win the title in three sets. In singles, Anita Claeboe, playing her first tournament, plays for the gold against Lovie Beard of Texas tomorrow.


    Jack Bradshaw ipset George McCabe to win the 80 Indoors.

  • Franco, Swetka Win 85, 90 Singles Titles; Franco/Nichols Win 85 Doubles; Seeds Advance in Vancouver, Homewood and La Jolla

    Vancouver, WA: 80-90 Indoors

    Tony Franco made his first trip to the 85 Indoors a successful one, leaving without dropping a set in the 85 singles. He beat his doubles partner, Graydon Nichols, 63 62 today to win the first 85s national of the year. Nichols and Franco then combined to win the 85 doubles over Roald Flater/Lew Stephenson.Bob Sherman ended Ed Tyler’s run to the final with a tough three set win in the final.

    In the 80s there was one upset, as 5th seeded Jack Bradshaw took out #2 seed Roger Hing to join McCabe, Snyder and Joe Russell in the semis. The top seeds advanced to the finals in doubles though HIng/Snyder had to go three tough sets before ousting Russell/Bradshaw in the semis. They face McCabe/Powless in the final.

    George McCabe Powless

    Homewood, IL: 35/45/55 Indoors

    In Illinois the play began in all age divisions. In the 35s, Jill Vanderkool edged 4th seeded Tammy Mitchell in three sets. It was a hard fought match. The top two seeds, Amy Alcini and Sarah Murphey weren’t in action yet in singles.

    In doubles, the second seeded team of JoAnne Russell and Julie Ogborne advanced to the semis.

    The 45s had a draw of 15; Gretchen Magers drew the bye and the remaining seeds advanced. Anna Zimmeman had a good match with Judy Van Raalte but prevailed in straight sets. Four strong teams are in the semis of the doubles; World Champions Erika Smith/Alissa Finerman; Magers/Jennifer Lyons; Clay Champions Zimmerman/Jami Patterson and Ogborne/Shelly Works.

    In the 55s, the top seeds, Susan Wright and Pat Purcell had the day off; the remaining seeds advanced. Mary Firek and Susie Witwer had the closest match of the day, but Firek was to consistent for Witwer and won 75 62.

    Semis of the 35 & 45 doubles will be played tomorrow and the quarters in all the remaining events.

    IMG_0005 IMG_0013

    La Jolla, CA: 50-90 Indoors (This link is good only till the conclusion of the tournament.)

    50s: Kathy Vick had to default out of the tournament (to Mariana Hollman) with an SI injury; Tracy Houk won the battle of the Tracy’s today, edging Tracey Thompson 63 67 62; Fran Chandler and Roz Nideffer continued to advance without trouble to the semis.

    The top four seeds advanced to the semis as well in the 60s and 70s, though Molly Hahn had a big battle to get past Peggy Machoian in the 60s. In the 80s, Carol Cofer, who took out #4 Joan Brisbin, joined the top three seeds in the 80s semis. Third seeded Margaret Canby had a tough match though with Bev Winans, subduing her in three sets.

    The doubles are still on court or not posted…check the link above for more results.

    View from the walkway at LJBTC Houk, Tracy Thompson, Tracey

  • 32nd ITF Championships End Successful Run in San Diego


    Tournament Director Bill Kellogg Proclaims Two-week International Event a Total Success

    La Jolla, Calif. – (February 19, 2012) – Val Wilder of Fort Worth, Texas capped off an incredible week at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club as he won both the singles and doubles titles in the Men’s 50 division at the 2012 International Tennis Federation Seniors World Individual Championships.

    The fourth-seeded Wilder faced third-seeded Mike Fedderly of Palm Desert, Calif. in the Men’s 50 singles final on Sunday morning on Court No. 1.

    After splitting the first two sets, Wilder served to stay in the match at 5-6 and would fight off two match points before holding serve. He then went on to win the championships with a thrilling 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3) victory.

    Later in the afternoon, Wilder teamed with Fedderly to win the Men’s 50 doubles championship as they defeated Ross Hessler of Mission Viejo, Calif., and Jon Tyrell of Sierra Madre, Calif., 3-6, 7-5, 6-3.

    “There is something about this place…every time I come here, my game always rises to another level. I love playing here…it’s like coming home.” Wilder said. “Every match I felt like I was getting better and better, stronger and stronger. I’m still shocked I was able to win two world titles. That’s pretty amazing.”

    Last week, Wilder earned a silver medal in the ITF Seniors World Team Championships as he helped lead his team to the final of the Fred Perry Cup (Men’s 50) competition where they fell to France 2-1. He said winning the two gold medals in the individual competition this week “definitely” takes the sting out of the previous week’s loss.

    In other tournament action, second-seeded Jeff Tarango of Manhattan Beach, Calif. scored a 6-3, 3-6, 7-5 victory over Marcus Hilpert of the Netherlands to win the singles title in the Men’s 40 division.

    As the 2012 ITF Senior World Championships came to a close, Bill Kellogg, Tournament Director and President of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, said the event was an example of the great things that can happen when the community-oriented people of San Diego work together.

    “This prestigious international tennis event, which we began planning for over a year ago, certainly would not have been possible without the community effort and long hours that were put in. San Diego should be very proud for the way everyone came together and made this tournament a complete success,” Kellogg said.

    “I would like to thank the San Diego Sports Commission, including Kristen Auten, Lexie Sarkisian and Whitney Goodman, and each of our tournament sites and their staff — the Balboa Tennis Club, Barnes Tennis Center, La Costa Resort & Spa, Morgan Run Club & Resort, San Diego Tennis & Racquet Club, La Jolla Tennis Club and La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club,” Kellogg added.

    “We also owe a great deal of gratitude to our valued sponsors, Babolat, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch – The Hegardt Group, CH Court Tech, Tennis Warehouse and Vitamin Water.”

    For the final draws and results for the 2012 ITF Seniors World Individual Championships, go to: http://www.itftennis.com/seniors
    Recently designated one of the Top 50 Tennis Resorts in the world by Tennis Resorts Online, the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club’s reputation as a top tennis destination started in 1942 when it attracted its first major tournament, the Pacific Coast Men’s Doubles Championship. The club will be hosting the 123rd edition of The Pacific Coast Men’s’ Doubles Championships in March 2012, and the USTA National Hard Court Championships for Women’s 50-90 age groups in May 2012.

    For more information on Tennis Events at the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club please visit http://www.LJBTC.com. For information on the ITF Senior World Championships please visit http://www.ITFSanDiego.com.

    About the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, Inc. – Celebrating its 75-year anniversary in 2010, the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated company dedicated to the operation of a 14-acre beachside resort. The resort includes three properties, including the exclusive La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, the 128-room La Jolla Shores Hotel and the historic Marine Room restaurant. Resort amenities include 14 championship tennis courts, a nine-hole Par-3 golf course, two swimming pools, two additional oceanfront restaurants and cocktail lounges, and one of Southern California’s only private beaches. For more information visit http://www.LJBTC.com.


    ITF Seniors World Individual Championships
    San Diego, Calif.
    Surface: Hard Court
    At La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

    2012 Champions

    Men’s 35 Singles
    Roberto Menendez, Spain

    Men’s 35 Doubles
    Greg Evans and Michael Evans, Australia

    Women’s 35 Singles
    Noelia Perez-Penate, Spain

    Women’s 35 Doubles
    Cammy Macgregor and Debbie Spence-Nasim, United States

    Mixed 35 Doubles
    Maria Bergenheim, Estonia, and Thassilo Haun, Germany

    Men’s 40 Singles
    Jeff Tarango, United States

    Men’s 40 Doubles
    Rick Leach and Mickey Maule, United States

    Women’s 40 Singles
    Jurate Hardy, Australia

    Women’s 40 Doubles
    Deborah Higa and Jami Jones, United States

    Mixed 40 Doubles
    Tracie Currie and Rick Leach, United States

    Men’s 45 Singles
    Jeff Greenwald, United States

    Men’s 45 Doubles
    John Letts and Bruce Man-Son-Hing , United States

    Women’s 45 Singles
    Jennifer Dawson, United States

    Women’s 45 Doubles
    Alissa Finerman and Erika Smith, United States

    Mixed 45 Doubles
    Debbie Spence-Nasim and Steve Dawson, United States

    Men’s 50 Singles
    Val Wilder, United States

    Men’s 50 Doubles
    Mike Fedderly and Val Wilder, United States

    Women’s 50 Singles
    Rosalyn Nideffer, United States

    Women’s 50 Doubles
    Ros Balodis and Leanne Swaysland, Australia

    Mixed 50 Doubles
    Brenda Foster, Australia, and Chris Hearn, Great Britain

    Men’s 55 Singles
    Mark Vines, United States

    Men’s 55 Doubles
    Ross Persons and Daniel Waldman, United States

    Women’s 55 Singles
    Diane Barker, United States

    Women’s 55 Doubles
    Kathy May Fritz and Susan Wright, United States

    Mixed 55 Doubles
    Robin Harris and Angel Lopez, United States

  • La Jolla Day 1: excitement and a happy ending

    It was another gorgeous day in La Jolla today as play started at the 40 hard courts. The longest match of the day was between Debbie Higa and Christen Bartelt. Debbie cramped but immediately upon finishing the match (Bartelt won) collapsed on the court, lost consciousness. The trainer and a doctor responded quickly as did paramedics. After IV infusions and food though Debbie was ok and ready for at tomorrow.

    The tennislink site was down due to league players checking their ratings but should be better tomorrow.


  • Diane Barker Wins 50 Clay Courts; Kathy Vick/Tracy Worley-Hagen Take Doubles Crown

    The 50 Clay Courts were held at the BallenIsles Country Club the last week in October. The weather was not cooperative, but the event finished nonetheless, despite many rain delays, & thunder and lightning storms. The grounds crew at BallenIsles did a terrific job in drying the courts and getting play in between showers.

    Diane Barker and Fran Chandler moved smoothly to the final though Chandler had a tougher-than-the-score-would-indicate match with Julie (Pressley) Farina, a very good local clay court player, winning 63 62, but cramping in the process. Kathy Vick had a long three setter with Sue Bartlett in the quarters. Sue cramped in the third set (pickle juice and rain showers arrived a bit too late for Sue) but Vick thrives on long matches. Barker beat Vick pretty quickly, and was ready for Chandler in the final. Chandler beat Barker earlier in the year at the Super Cat II at BallenIsles and also in the final of the Indoors, but this time Barker won 57 62 63, winning the final 5 games of the match. Farina beat Vick 3,1 to win the bronze.

    Vick/Worldey-Hagen won the doubles without the loss of a set, beating surprise finalists Bartlett/Ann Lowry in the final. Bartlett/Lowry upset the #2 seeds, Chandler/Myke Loomis in the first round in 3 sets and also took out Trish Faulkner/Marianne Caplan in the semis in 3 sets. Faulkner/Caplan won the bronze over Lynn Ellis/Lori Robertson.

    Photos below of Fishburne (l) and Chandler, R, are courtesy of Pat Parsons.

    Ballen11Plantation11 071 Ballen11Plantation11 118

  • USA Wins Mulloy and Von Cramm Cups Sunday; USA Wins Seven Cups in Turkey!

    USA finished off the day with a win in the deciding doubles match of the Von Cramm Cup team. It was a tense tie. Brian Cheney won a tight three set, three hour singles match against Ray Bray; Larry Turville fell to Andrew Rae and then Tony Dawson and Paul Wulf, both first time Cup team members, won the deciding doubles over Rae/Max Bates, 64 62 in an outstanding performance to clinch the tie.

    The USA Mulloy Cup team had clinched the Cup when George McCabe won the #2 singles early in the day. However, not content with the Cup win, the team of Jack Bradshaw/Mel Lewis won the deciding doubles (after Seymour retired to Lorne Main in the singles with a sore knee) 63 63 over Main/Reardon of Canada.

    The USA men’s Crawford Cup team fell 2/1 to Gr Britain today to finish fourth. Joe Bachmann won at #2 singles, but Rudy Hernando lost at #1 singles and George Sarantos/Hank Leichtfried lost in straight sets in the doubles.

    Burnett Herrick Mulloy team, McCabe, Bradshaw, Lewis Seymour USA Mulloy and Von Cramm Teams Von Cramm team, Dawson Turville, Cheney, Wulf

  • Five Super Senior Teams Reach Final in Turkey; Men’s 80, 70, 60 Vie for Final Saturday (Update/Correction);

    Five USA teams reached the final in Turkey today.

    The men’s 65 beat Austria 2/1. David Nash had a tough match at #2 singles and fought hard but lost. Jimmy Parker took the court in a must win situation at #1 singles and played a flawless match to level the tie at a match apiece. After a break, Parker and Hugh Thomson paired up to play the deciding doubles. They promptly fell behind 4-1 and 5-2, but then figured out their strategy and executed it well, winning the deciding match in straight sets. They play France in the final tomorrow.

    The men’s 70s beat France 2/1 today. Joe Bachmann played #2 singles despite having a heavy cold, and played great, winning 62 63, bringing back every ball his opponent threw at him. Rudy Hernando had a great start at #1 singles, winning the first 5 games before dropping the next 4, but he nevertheless won the first set, but lost the match in three tough sets. The 2010 Gold Slam winning team of George Sarantos/Hank Leichtfried took the court for doubles and put in a solid performance, winning in straight sets. They play the semis Saturday.

    The men’s 75s had an easy day, dropping only 2 games in both singles matches! Their opponents wore themselves out in their previous matches, and didn’t play all their top players in singles.

    The men’s 80s had a day off and play either Canada or France tomorrow. France beat Canada in a minor upset, but in a big upset, Henri Cruchet beat Canada’s Lorne Main 62 63 in singles.

    The women’s 60s played a tough Aussie team. Martha Downing, USA, beat Sue Walter, overcoming a 4-1 deficit to win in straight sets. Sue was flawless to start the match, but as errors crept into her game, errors were gone from Downing’s game. In the deciding match, Kerry Young, USA, took on last year’s finalist from the World Championships, Wendy Gilchrest and dominated the match from start to finish, from the back court, on offense (nice volleys), defense (great lobs), and used her devastating dropshot to perfection. Kerry won 60 61. The USA won the doubles in three sets, with Carol Clay and Molly Hahn playing the doubles.

    The women’s 65s had a tough loss to Great Britain. Betty Wachob played a solid, steady match at #2 singles, winning in 2 tough sets. Brenda Carter won the first set at #1 singles, but ultimately fell in three grueling sets. The doubles team from the USA was Wachob and Judy Louie, and they played their hearts out but the Brits were too good, winning 61 64.

    The women’s 70s won both singles, with Suella Steel and Charleen Hillebrand playing the singles and winning both in straight sets. Both matches combined took about 2 1/2 hours. Then the doubles started, and Sheila Weinstock and Susanne Clark began about 1pm and three hours later, they had won 64 in the third! They missed lunch, but it was worth it.

    The women’s 75s cruised past Germany, losing only a handful of games in all three matches combined. Dorothy Matthiessen played #1, Dori deVries played #2 and Carol Wood/Burnette Herrick won the doubles.

    The women’s 80s have finished and are the bronze medalists.

    The men’s 60s played a quarterfinal match today and play the semis tomorrow.

    Thomson, Hugh Weinstok-1 Young, Kerry-1 Wulf-82 Clark BachmannClay hahn Matthiessen Dawson Steel-3 Parker, J Sarantos Leichtfried-2