USA Day 2 Cup results:

Italia Cup: USA beat Switzerland 3-0. Willie Dann and Dougal Williams played singles; Lew Miller and Chris Carey played doubles. Day 2 Italia Cup Results. USA is seeded 5 or 6 and had a bye on Monday; play Lithuania today.

Trabert Cup: USA beat Austria 3-0. Richard Schmidt and Martin Barba won the singles, Barba in 3 sets; doubles was a walkover.
Day 2 Trabert Results: USA is seeded #3 in the Trabert Cup.

USA Dubler Cup beat Ireland 3-0. Andy Stoner and Michael Rose played singles and Doug Elly/Gil Schuerholz played a tough 3 setter in doubDay 2 Dubler Cup; USA is seeded #6

USA  Perry Cup:  beat Estonia 3-0 with Mike Fedderly and Val Wilder won singles; Peter Markes and Ross Persons cleaned up in doubles. USA is seeded Day 2 Perry Cup Results.

USA Austria Cup: USA is seeded #4. Phil Landauer and Bill Roach played singles; it was Bill’s first international match and he won! They both did and Phil and Tom Smith won the doubles. Day 2 Austria Cup Results.

USA Lenglen Cup: USA was unseeded and lost to Great Britain 3-0 yesterday. Trish Riddell lost in 3 sets at #2 singles; Julie Cass lost at #1 and Michelle King/Amy Alcini lost the doubles. Great Britain were the #3 seeds. Day 2 Lenglen Cup results.

USA Young Cup: USA is seeeded #3 and beat South Africa 2-1. Renata Marcinkowska and Vesna McKenna won the singles; Carolyn Wei/Rachel Gale lost the doubles. Day 2 Young Cup Results.

USA Margaret Court Cup: USA is seeded #2 (Czech Republic is #1) and is a RR with Estonia, Sweden and Australia. They beat Estonia Tuesday and Sweden on Monday.Fran Chandler and Mariana Hollman played singles and Gretchen Magers and Mary Dailey played doubles yesterday. Day 2 Court Cup Results.

USA Bueno Cup: See blog below, but USA beat Argentina 3-0 behind Susan Wright and Diane Fishburne in singles and Carolyn Nichols/Marianne Robertson in doubles. USA is seeded #1. Day 2 Bueno Cup Results.

USA Connolly Cup: USA is seeded #1. They beat Argentina 3-0. Joanne Russell and Tina Karwasky played singles; Mary Ginnard and Martha Downing played doubles. Day 2 Connolly Cup results.
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