USA Teams Seeded in World Team Championships

Sunday, Ali Bey Manavgat, Turkey


Captains’ meetings were held today.


Women’s 55s are seeded #1 and are in a 3 team round robin with Ireland and Turkey. They have a bye on Monday.


Women’s 50s are seeded #1 and are in a 3 team round robin with Slovenia and the Netherlands. The other seeds are #2 Australia, #3 & #4 Great Britain and Austria. USA 50s team, if it wins its round robin matches will play the winner of the Austria group on Friday in the semis. USA has bye on Monday.


Women’s 40s are seeded #2 behind Italy, which has a very strong team. They play tomorrow, 11am


Women’s 35s are seeded #2. They play tomorrow afternoon not before 1:30pm.


Men’s 40s are seeded #1 and have a bye on Monday.


Men’s 50s and men’s 35s…have not yet spoken to the captains.


The opening ceremonies were tonight, beginning with a parade of nations and followed by short speeches (less than 5 minutes) and some Turkish dancing (and for the Americans, a photo session).


Weather today was mild but overcast with a few sprinkles and not too windy.

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