USA Wins Nine Ties (Matches) Tuesday; Hart Cup Falls to Canada

USA won all singles matches in the round robins in all Cups today except for the Doris Hart Cup.

Marble Cup, W60 beat South Africa 3/0

Kitty Godfree Cup, W65, beat Canada 3/0; Sweden next

Althea Gibson Cup, W 70, beat Finland 3/0, Canada next

Queens Cup, W 75, beat France 3/0

Hart Cup, W 80, lost to Canada 3/0

Von Cramm Cup, M 60 beat Switzerland 3/0; Norway next

Britannia Cup, M 65 beat Spain 3/0, Czech Republic next, which should be very tough.

Crawford Cup, M 70 beat Poland 3/0

Grant Cup, M 75, beat Switzerland 3/0, Norway next

Mulloy Cup, M 80, beat Great Britain 3/0


The Doris Hart Cup had a tough match against a strong Canadian team. 2010 World Champion Rosie Asch beat Louise Russ in straight sets to score the first blood for Canada. Jane Lutz then played a strong match to beat Huguette Fontaine in straight sets. Huguette said she was so upset that she had wine with lunch and that her captain did not object. Rosie and Huguette then decided that her problem in singles was that she did not have win with breakfast! However, then they agreed that the main problem was  the stellar play of Lutz. Fontaine and Asch however were too strong in doubles, with Asch setting up Huguette for strong volleys. The Canadians won the deciding match also in straight sets. The USA play Gr. Britain on Saturday.


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