Wednesday in Germany

The tournament continued today, and I got ready for tomorrow. I hit and also watched a bit of the tennis. The seeds were playing in the younger divisions and the level of play was quite high. The Europeans certainly know how to slide! Today was the warmest day in over a week, in the upper 70s I think, really nice.

I also tried the Roman Bath. Baden-Baden (which means Bath-Bath in English), is spa town. The Roman Bath is just behind the hotel where I am staying. Jack Buffington (Jane’s husband), had an extra ticket to the bath…he went yesterday, so I went today and tried it out. It’s a series of showers, sauna, steam rooms, warm to cold pools and there are 12 steps in all. It can take three hours…for me it was about 90 minutes. It was an interesting experience.

Here’s a link to the photos on the Rot-Weiss Club’s Picassa site:

The doubles draws will be posted later tonight, and I’ll link to them tomorrow.

Jane and Jack Buffington, ran into them in Baden-Baden IMG_3677 - CopyIMG_0009 - Copy

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