World Individual Championships, Mexico, Thursday

The quarters were today in the 55s and 50s at Club Deportivo Portosino. I was scheduled for 10:30 and got on court about an hour late against Susanne Schweda, the top German player, who is quite a strong player. However, my game matched up well to her, and after going down 2-1, I figured out how I wanted to play her and won 63 60. She played a typical German game, strong groundstrokes, but limited net play, and I was able to reach most of her dropshots. The court was a bit slower at the beginning (wetter), and it was pretty windy today, but it’s windy often in Florida so I didn’t mind that. Sherri Bronson from Scottsdale won against the #3 German 64 61 (her 3rd cup of coffee kicked in at 3-4 apparently). Tina Karwasky from California played a terrific match against Nora Blom, the Dutch player to whom she lost last Saturday in straight sets. The two battled for 3 1/2 hours before Tina served out the match 64 46 64. Tina served very well, moved better on the clay and her drop volleys were excellent today. Nora, aside from the first 4 games, played excellently as well, driving her backhand and served good, deep second serves all match long. I play Frances Candy, the 7th seed, who beat Lyn Mortimer, the 3rd seed 76 60. She’s the top British player and a top competitor. She’s had a plethora of 3-set matches this week and last, but aside from her match against Tina last week, prevailed in all of them.

Mike Fedderly (SoCal) and Egan Adams (Palmetto, FL) had tough matches, Mike’s was 3 hours 50 minutes! However both won and are now in the semis.

Fran Chandler from Tennessee just finished beating Leslie O’Halloran in three sets (Leslie took out Mariana Hollman from the USA yesterday in 3 sets). She meets the top seeded Belgian, Klaarjte Van Barle in the final…a repeat of their first round meeting last year (wild cards do work :-)). Fran is a fabulous player and a better sport, she moves unbelievably well. Congratulations Fran!

I have to go play the quarters of the doubles now, we are scheduled for 4:30 CDT, but they were way behind when I left (all those 3 hour matches. I will update this or add a new blog after the doubles. We play a tough team, the top So AFrican player, and a good French player…


Frances Candy, Lyn Mortimer, Carolyn Nichols, Susan Wright IMG_0537 Lyn Mortimer and Sherri Bronson Nora Blom, Tina Karwasky at end of their 3.5 hour match.5 hour match Tom Smith, Fred Robinson, first round match Carolyn and Lyn Mortimer Courts at Deporto Portosino

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