40/50 Indoors, Photos by Carolyn Wei


Carolyn Wei (who supplied the photos you see above), won her FIRST GOLD BALL at the 40 indoors today. She beat the #1 seed, Sue Kaleel, the quarters and the #2 seed, Anna Zimmerman in the final but her toughest match was against unseeded Amy Alcini. Wei won that one in 4 hours, and led by a set and 52 and also 5-1 in the third before finally closing out the match. Alcini took the bronze over Michelle Wright.

Susan Wright (no relation) won her THIRD 50s singles title of the year (one more for a gold slam), beating 2nd seeded Leslie Murveit in the final. Suzanne Siegler outlasted Sherri Bronson in 3 sets for the bronze. The doubles finals will be played tomorrow. Joanne Russell/Kaleel play for the 40s title against last year’s winners, Susan Keane/ Eve Welsher and Russell and her sister Lynn Taylor play for the 50s against Wright/Marianne Robertson.

Judy Van Raalte unfortunately fell when playing Alcini, in the first game after they’d split sets…she tore her ACL. Vesna Mckenna arrived with a small blister on her hand and despite using her doubles partner’s glove for part of the week, left with a bigger one. The weather there started cool and play indoors was great since it was raining outside. However,  the midwest heat wave hit, turning the unairconditioned building into a sauna for the players. On the plus side the lighting is good and the ceilings high.

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