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2021 Schedule (grids and USTA chronological Schedule) (NOTE that you have to click “next” to see more than 10 columns).

Tournament Postponements, Updates & Cancellations 2021

2021 USTA Chronological Schedule (with some links)

Click here to see list of Level 1, 2 & 3 tournaments , men and women, which have links from usta.com. This changes frequently. List is from May 1-Dec 31 2021

List of Super Senior Applicants for World Championships in Mallorca, Spain in October

Tournaments listed for 2021 are subject to change or cancellation. Full schedule is here: https://www.usta.com/en/home/play/adult-tennis/programs/national/adult-tournaments1.html
Tournaments with links are still subject to change of dates or to cancellation or date changes.
Note that Germantown CC has cancelled the women’s 35-85 and men’s 40-50 Grass Nationals this year. Note that there are a new venue and new dates for men’s 40-50 Grass (Rumford RI, see below)
Wilson World Tennis Classic Draws
April 1-11
Palm Desert, CA
Wilson World Tennis Classic Draws
April 1-11
Palm Desert, CA
Dates: April 30-May 4
Olde Providence RC Charlotte, NC
Wilson World Tennis Classic Draws
April 1-11
Palm Desert, CA
Dates: May 10-16
Location: La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club
La Jolla, CA

Click here to see list of seeds and draws on tennislink.
Draws on tennislink; 40/45 Clay, Ft Lauderdale Sr/SSr/80+FS & MD/SrMD/SSrMD Hard
Dates: June 4-6

Location: Biszantz Family TC
Claremont, CA
Wilson World Tennis Classic Draws
April 1-11
Palm Desert, CA
May 27-31
Westwood Sr Level 2
Austin, TX
55 Indoors
April 26-May 1
Boise, ID
F/D & M/S (all divisions)
June 11-14
Barnes Tennis Center
San Diego, CA
45 Mixed
Dates: April 9-14
Location: Lauderdale TC
Fort Lauderdale FL
Asheville Open Level 2
July 6-11
Asheville, NC
April 29-May 3
Level 1 35 Hard
Surprise, AZ
June 25-27
Level 2 M/D Indoors
Vancouver, WA
Level 1 40/50/60/70 Clay Mixed
Seabrook Island, SC
Oct. 6-10
40/50/70/80/90 Level 2 Indoors
Vancouver, WA
Aug 4-10
Men's 50 Indoor Level 2
April 30-May 5
Boise, ID
Carolina's Cup Father/Son Level 3
Greenville, SC
June 18-20
New Dates: Sept. 20-26
Location: Houston Racquet Club
Houston, TX
May 5-9
Atlanta Senior Men's Invitational Level 2
H/W O/100/120/140 Hard Level 1
Peach Tree City, GA
Sept. 17-20
Dates: Sept. 28-Oct. 2
Location: Palm Beach Gardens Tennis Center
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

National Women's Clay Courts
May 17-23
65 Hard (Crabel)Level 1
Barnes Tennis CenterSan Diego, CA
Level 1 35/45/55/65/75/85 Hard
Rancho Mirage, CA
Oct 11-17
May 19-24
Southern Senior Men's Clay Court Champs Level 3
Jackson, MS
Cooper Cup LGD Level 3
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Oct. 13-17
May 20-23
35 Indoors Level 2
Brunswick, ME
Postponed to Oct 20-24
NSWTA Championships at Daniel Island Club
May 27-31
Westwood Sr Level 2
Austin, TX
Texas Super Sr Sectionals Level 3
San Antonio, TX
Oct. 21-24
New Dates and Site for 40/45/50 Grass
Sept. 29-Oct 4
Agawam Hunt Club
Rumford, RI

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