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Important Information Regarding International Team Selection & Applications

Super Seniors can apply here to be considered for a 2020 Super Senior team up till May 31, 2020

 Young Seniors applications have closed. Click here to see who applied.

May 15, 2020: Due to Coronavirus ITF Tournaments are postponed till August 1st and USTA till June 1.
Will be updated starting in Mid-late MayWill be updated starting in Mid-late MayJuly 13-15
Father/Son/GF/GS Grass
Longwood CC, Chestnut Hill, MA
Aug. 17-22
60 Indoor
Seattle Tennis Club, Seattle, WA
Aug 6-8
F/D Grass
Longwood CC, Chestnut Hill, MA
Oct. 8-11
40-70 Clay
Seabrook Island Club, Johns Island, SC
Aug 6-8
Mother/Daughter Grass
Longwood CC, Chestnut Hill, MA
Nov. 30-Dec 6
40 Hard
La Jolla Beach & TC, La Jolla, CA
Dec 4-9
30 Clay
Lauderdale TC, Fort Lauderdale, FL

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