And Let the Play Begin: First Round Success

Draws are here.

Here’s the link to photos from this European trip, with the most recent ones first.

I played my first round match today against Elina from Finland (a suburb of Helsinki to be more precise). I’d watched her play yesterday and knew she was not a good mover, and I won comfortably. But Rosemary E, Peter G and I had a good long warmup in the morning, so I got some good hitting in early. The matches here start at 10, but it’s light from about 5am, so there’s plenty of time to practice early. Rosemary and Peter won too…we played consecutively on the same court.

Early morning practice and photos, photo of my opponent Elina and me

I had eaten lunch prior to playing and gone to the store, and finished my daily hour of band exercises before and after my match. Today is the player party, at 7:30 (9:30am PDT/12:30 EDT) so this post may be edited with a few photos later. They will be added to the photo album referenced above. The party is being held at the Casino (which is a restaurant), looking out over the water to the multicolored beach huts.

Casino in the distance where the player party will be in about 90 minutes.

I think I play tomorrow against another Finnish player, and regardless will practice in the morning.

The weather here has had a pattern, clear skies in the morning, and cloudier and windier in the afternoon. It was pretty out this morning.

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