Another Day, Another Tournament, Another Country

I woke up in France, flew through Germany and landed in Czech Republic today…the scenic route, as I didn’t look at Nantes-Prague flights.

The CDG airport is complicated. The shuttle dropped us off at Terminal 2. Then I had to go down a level, then up a level through these tubes containing a moving walkway..sort of like going through an MRI machine. All this to get to a train to go to Terminal 1, of course the last stop. But from there check in was easy, and my flight was on time.

Karlovy Vary is about 90 minutes by car from the Prague airport. Immediately after leaving the airport we were in the countryside. It’s very green here, probably because it’s always raining! It’s chilly here, 60ish, and there’s a little altitude, about 1500-1700 feet.

I took the bus to the club, which would be fine if it wasn’t pouring rain and out in the open! The courts were of course somewhat wet…

Karlovy Vary 2015 starred photos 3072x1728-001

I am supposed to play tomorrow, it may depend on how many matches get played today.


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