Arrivederci Venetia, Zdravo Umag

I had a half day in Venice today, enough to see the Correr museum (wonderful ballroom and gorgeous Murano Chandeliers throughout) and to walk around a bit through a different part of Venice.

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Things I learned in Venice:

  • Murano Glass is an art form, not just glass jewelry
  • Everything is moved by boat…from the mainland people and goods come in and once on Venice island the boats are Venice’s cars, everything moves by boat.
  • San Marco Piazza floods at high tide every day…usually when one is walking to or from a boat with luggage.
  • There are A LOT of churches in Venice and they are almost all peaceful and absolutely beautiful.
  • Do not wait too long to travel…you need to be able to walk easily all day to see some of the world’s best sites
  • Americans are traveling, I heard more American accents than any other in Venice
  • You can’t get lost in Venice…just follow the people and you’ll end up back in San Marco Square or the Rialto

I’m in Umag now…we took a boat, then a van, leaving the hotel around 2 and getting here about 7.

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