Auf Widersehen Essen

On the last day in Essen, I practiced some tennis with Jenny Cerff. After tennis we packed up and loaded the car, then finally decided to walk next door to the Folkswang Museum, an art museum. It’s a nice airy place with some nice art…Rodin, Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso were amongst the artists and we saw a photography exhibit (Luigi Ghirri) which was interesting as the photographer had an interesting perspective (for example, taking photos of people from the back, to get the whole scene, and taking photos through windows and fences).

We left Essen for Düsseldorf and tomorrow I fly to Barcelona while Jenny flies back to winter in Cape Town.

Here are some photos from the museum. Can you tell I like Van Gogh?

2 Responses to Auf Widersehen Essen

  1. Avatar Rita Price
    Rita Price says:

    Wonderful photos and on to another adventure in Barcelona?👍❤️🎾👟🏸

  2. Avatar Gwenda Ward
    Gwenda Ward says:

    Thanks for the reports. I’m glad you made it to the art museum.