Auf Wiedersehen Bad Breisig, Hallo Munchen

Yesterday was my last day in Bad Breisig. It was really warm last evening, till there was a big thunderstorm and rain which cooled things down and it was nice this morning. I took the train from Bad Breisig to Remargen, where I had a whole nine minutes to change trains (fortunately there were elevators for each platform) and then it was straight to Munich. And here my hotel, being part of an American chain, actually has air conditioning. 🙂

I went into Munich late this afternoon. When I left the hotel it was steamy, but by the time I returned a few hours later light showers had arrived and it was pretty nice. I went to Marionplatz, where the Glockenspiel is located. The entire area was just jammed, with tourists and shoppers taking advantage of a sunny Friday afternoon. I did a bit of looking around and shopping. There’s a big department store right by the Glockenspiel and it has a lower level, much of which is a gourmet food store, like the ones at Marks and Spencer or Harrods. The chocolates alone covered hundreds of feet. It was pretty overwhelming, so I went for Federer’s choice, Lindt. And then bought some carrots to be healthy.

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