Babolat: Fabulous Finish

There were some great matches and some great tennis played on the final day of the Babolat Super Cat II. And the TD, Ed Trost, finally got to watch some of it!

Tracie Currie and Rick Leach each came away with two titles, the mixed 40s they played together and the 35 doubles (for Tracie) and 40 doubles (for Rick). The 40 men’s final was a terrific match with Art Hernandez and Carsten Hoffmann giving the top seeds, Leach and Mickey Maule (two lefties) all they could handle. The pace of shot and the quickness of the players’ hands was incredible.

Both Hernandez and Hoffmann played great singles as well as doubles during the week. Hernandez beat #2 seeded Failla in the quarters 2,2, 5th seeded Curtis Dunn in a close one, 76 63 and cruised past the top seed, Tommy Kong 61 61 to claim the singles title. He won the 35 doubles too with Grover.

Hoffmann fell to Oren Motevassel in the 40s final, but reached the final though unseeded.

Mike Fedderly ended Ken White’s great run, decisively, in the final. He combined with Tracy Worley-Hagen to win the 50 mixed.

Other men’s singles winner were Stuart Duncan, 35s; Maxine Buyckx, M55; Paul Wulf, M60; Richard Johnson, M65; Michael Stewart, M70; Herm Ahlers, M75; Saul Snyder, M80 and Graydon Nichols, M85.

Other doubles winners were: M45: Johnson/Kim (who edged Alumbaugh/Rollling 64 in the third); M50: Levinson/Rea; M55: Bohannnon/Kearney; M60: Abel/Wulf; M65: Bohannon/Van Linge; M70: Balch/Lindborg; M75: Doss/Powless; M80: Hing/Snyder and M85: Druliner/Tyler.

In women’s singles, Michelle Bynum won the 45s; Fran Chandler had a decisive win over Mariana Hollman, 62 60; Susan Wright won the 55 singles and doubles (with Kathy Fritz), both at my expense…she played great and was a great sport on top of it; Tina Karwasky also won the singles and doubles, in the 65s, beating Mary Ginnard in the final then combining with her to win the doubles; Ann Loose won the 65s; Cathie Anderson took the 70s; Dorothy Matthiessen won the 75s and Bev Winans the 80s.

Debbie Higa had a tough day at the office on Sunday, starting by facing off against Dawson, who rarely misses and hits her share of winners with her penetrating groundstrokes. Then she and Jami Jones played Currie/Nancine Haywood and came up short, 63 64. Then it was on to the “Slattery” sisters: Jennifer Lyons/Julie Shapiro, who were a pink backboard. The points were long and tough and the sisters came out ahead 62 64, reversing their loss of the previous year.

Tracey Thompson/Robin Harris continued their fine play on Sunday, beating Worley-Hagen/Jackie Heston 63 61 to take the 50s title.

Alissa Finerman/Erika Smith, playing their first 45s tournament, played solid and explosive tennis (Alissa can not only move back to hit an overhead, she can move back and nail an overhead!); they beat Annemarie Briganidi/Kathy Fritz 62 64.

Other women’s winners were: Polisky/Zauher, W65; Hegberg/Willauer, W70; DeVries/King, W75 and in mixed, Bozarth/Morgan, 60+; Dicarlo/Kamemoto, 35X


Here are all the results:


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