BallenIsles 2008

BallenIsles Cat II/ITF Grade 3: Trish Riddell won the 30 singles and doubles (with Mary Dailey); Renata Marcinkowska won the 40 singles; Mary Dailey/Joanne Russell won the 40 doubles; Diane Fishburne blitzed the field in singles and doubles (with Sherri Bronson) in the 50s; Brenda Carter won the 60 singles; Trish Faulkner/Mary Wilson took the 60 doubles; Burnett Herrick won the 70 singles and Betty Weilss/Dorothy Wasser took the 70 doubles title; Jane Lutz won the 80 singles and Ritz Price/Diane Hoffman won the 80 doubles, at the BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens. The tournament ended on Sunday Jan 20th. Click here for all results.


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