BallenIsles Friday Night

Here is a link to the photos from the Friday night

After the rain the doubles main draw matches were played except in the 50s, because the 50s were out to the semis already. It was dark but calm and muggy when the play was continued…..then halted because someone accidentally turned off the lights instead of turning them on, so there was a 20 minute delay for them to restart.
In earlier action, Judy Louie upset Sandy Cooper, and Lyn Thompson edged Ellen Goodman 76 in the third set, in the 60s. Carol Clay and Sue Bramlette, the top 2 seeds, advanced.
In the 70s, Sheila Weinstock beat #3 Lyn Tietz, 3,2, Grace Woo beat Carol Wood; Susanne Clark beat Kathy Langer (76 60) and Heidi Attlefellner advanced to the semis.
There was a nice party on the balcony overlooking center court. It was supposed to have been by the pool, but due to the rain was moved under cover and though it started slowly since so many players were still involved in matches, it got going and was a good gathering of players, lots of laughter.

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