Barker, Carter, King Take Singles Gold in Bocage

Baton Rouge, LA, April 21, 2017

I played Diane Barker in the final of the 60 clay courts and she won for about the 50th or so time against me…I’ve lost track, since we first played about 25 or so years ago. Today I lost 63 62 and had my moments…generally quashed by a laser guided missile in the form of a forehand or backhand that hit an inch from each line (or perhaps on the edge of the line) for a winner or near winner (in which case a volley to the open court ensued). Anyway, I ran, she pounded, rock beat scissors. It was actually a nearly two hour match with a lot of good points after the first few games, and a positive tournament. Back to work!


In the 70s, Brenda Carter ran Leslie Pixley side to side till she couldn’t reach the last shot (must be a Charleston thing) and retained the clay court title she won last year with a 63 63 score.

Roz King won the 80s yesterday over Dori DeVries.

There’s a Super Cat II men’s event going on in Bocage through the weekend with many top men’s players there including Ross Persons, Fred Robinson, Hugh Thomson, and Oren Motevassel. Those draws can be found here:

And that’s a wrap on the 60/70/80 Clay. Next up for me: 80+ father/daughter with my 92 year old dad in the California Desert town of Rancho Mirage in two weeks.



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