Beating the Rain in Poertschach

The tournament began in earnest for me today, as I had both singles and doubles matches. My match scheduled for noon actually started about 1pm as there were a lot of three setters. The weather was cooler and cloudy. I played Sylvia Teichmann from Germany who turned out to be a hard hitter with a 2-handed backhand. She had on an Adidas outfit that made me think she looked like Angie Kerber..or maybe Angie Kerber’s mom (and the service motion was unconventional too), though she was a righty. I served pretty well and mostly kept the ball deep enough to keep me out of trouble. Tomorrow I play Hildegarded Bruggraeber from Austria, an all court player who is the rare European who loves doubles more than singles. We haven’t played for five years, so it will be like a brand new opponent and should be a good match.

Heidi Eisterlehner and I won out first round of doubles too, just beating the rain that came pouring down about 10 minutes after we finished. We actually had a rain delay during the match but it was brief. There was donner und blitzen (thunder and lightning) during the match, though the lightning seemed a long ways away. We play Hildegarde and her partner in doubles tomorrow which will be a challenge as her partner is good and they are a good setter/hitter combination.

Here are a few photos from my balcony. The courts had huge puddles in them after the rain storm.

Semis tomorrow!




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