Belek, Sunday

The matches started today and all USA teams that played won.

At Belek, there are 2 start times…it’s a bit complicated. For example, in the women’s 50s, there are 9 teams playing matches daily and only 6 courts…warm ups are at 7:20 and 7:40 for the teams playing at 8:30 and at 8:20 (each warm up is 20 min) for the teams playing not before 11:30. The teams not before 11:30 have to wait till 2 singles matches have been completed  from an 8:30 match….then they can start their singles. Once those 3 matches have started, then the 8:30 matches can complete their doubles matches, on the next open courts. However, if the singles players finish quickly at 8:30, then the doubles can begin immediately after.

We were able to get on right at 8:30 and finished all singles/doubles around 3 or so. That’s when teams who had byes could practice for the day, and after they had practiced anyone else coiuld, after about 5 pm. There are more matches than courts here and very limited practice, though they do have lights on about 4 courts for evening practice.

At Belek, the men’s 70s (King Van Nostrand 2, Fred Farzanegan 1 and Bob Duesler/Jim Nelson, doubles) beat Canada 30. They play NZ tomorrow. The men’s 50s/60s were off, the 60s went to Antalya and had a great tour. The women’s 55s beat Canada (Tina Karwasky and Mary Ginnard played the singles) and the 60s (singles play by Brenda Carter and Betty Wachob) beat Ireland. The 50s beat Finland. The #2 player from Finland was an excellent player, and had a Finnish tan (with 9 months plus of indoor play, from June to Aug 15 is the outdoor season…you can imagine The #1 player: well Diane started by hitting line, line, line, net cord winner, game, then won the first point of the next game and then hit a dropshot angle, and the Finn hurt her knee. She was game, called the trainer (20 euros a session), and finished the match and played doubles. But Diane won 60 60 and Phyllis and I won 62 60. Their third player arrives tonight so will play singles.

At Manavgat, the women’s 35s, 40s, 45s, and 75s played and won.  The 35s both played and won 30. The 40 women had a tough battle with Great Britain, beating them 21, with Renata Marcinkowska beating Jo Louis easily at #1 singles and Anna Zimmerman losing at #2. Mary Dailey and Renata won the deciding doubles match. The 45 women beat Australia, a tough first round.  The 75s were supposed to play Canada, but the order was changed and they played Switzerland instead and won 30 behind Mary Boswell and Nancy Reed’s strong singles play followed by a convincing doubles win by Louise Russ/Lucille Kyvallos. The big upset was So Africa taking out the top seeds and defending champs Gr.Britain in the Queens Cup. The 65s and 70s were off.

The men’s 35s, 40s, 45s, 55s, 65s, 75s and 80s are at Manavgat. The 35s, 45s and 80s played and won 30. The 45 men played Switzerland and won easily. The 35s beat Estonia 30, Dann and Lake played singles, Lake and Slonac played doubles. The 80s played Switzerland and won 30.

For all results, click here and then on the name of the team which interests you. The link will open as a pdf file and you can save it on your computer if you want.

Ok, it’s late and I have a 7am warm up….more soon, more action photos and captions coming at

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