Binissalem Market Day

Friday July 29, 2022

Most towns in Mallorca of any size have a market day. Binissalem’s market day is Friday, and though not one of the biggest…those are in Inca and Arta in particular, it was a good sized market with lots of fresh local fruits (the watermelon looked wonderful) and vegetables (many types of tomatoes and peppers in particular). I’m leaving tomorrow (and forgot about it in the morning and bought fruit at Aldi), so couldn’t take advantage, but I enjoyed looking around. The market, as most are, is in the center of town in the plaza surrounding the church which dominates the skyline of Binissalem. In addition to fresh produce, there were cheese and sausage vendors, a plant and flower vendor, and several clothing stands including one that sold hats and traditional Mallorcan woven shopping baskets. It was smaller than the one I saw last year in Sa Pobla, no prepared food or chickens, but there are a lot of restaurants surrounding the plaza which were busy at noon.

Binissalem Market Day
Images from Binissalem, a typical Mallorcan village.

In addition to viewing the market, I have three hours of tennis today…divided between 8 am and 7pm (plus about 30 minutes driving each way…good thing I rented a hybrid car!).

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