Blowouts in Bocage: Day 2 of the 60-80 Clay Courts

It was blowout day for the most part in Bocage and I’m not referencing coiffure day.

The seeds mostly dominated their opponents in the 60, 70 and 80 singles; none lost a set and there were only a handful of matches where the seeds lost more than 2 games. One of those was an encounter between Mary Morgan, making her return to tournament tennis after shoulder surgery, and Sherri Bronson. Bronson won 64 64 but Mary played well and the match gathered quite a few viewers. Mary Pisani had a good match with #2 seeded Betty Wachob, losing 63 64. The four seeds in the 80s all advanced without the loss of more than 3 games.

There was a smattering of doubles matches; unfortunately doubles didn’t start till today, but hopefully the rain will stay away.

It was good to see Retsy Wilson and Cammy Johnson back at a tournament. They played Robbie Dimond/Lelsie Pixley  first round and prevailed in three sets.

Tonight there’s a lot of social stuff going on…an NSWTA (see for information on the National Senior Women’s Tennis Assn.) social led by president-elect Kathy Foulk, and a player dinner.

Tomorrow all the seeds are in action in singles and the big men’s tournament begins. It’s a super Cat II this year and for good reason…there are a couple of draws that exceed 32 players and good draws from 30-80 in singles and 40-80 in doubles. 

I won today against Debbie Burgess. We had a lot of good points and games. I play Rita Giles in singles tomorrow…she ousted Chieko Holt 60 61 and retrieved everything! We also play Leslie Murveit/Burgess in doubles. Here’s hoping for good weather. It’s been pretty cloudy and rain is predicted this week. Rita is shown below.



Women’s Cat 1 Draws/Results:

Men’s Super Cat II Draws/Results:

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