Boat Trip to Gandria

Draws for the tournament in Lugano are here.

Today, Friday, started pretty early, since I warmed up Isabel Gemmel for her 50s final (she won!) at 8am. I walked from the apartment to the club, and the views that time of day of the still water are amazing.

Early morning view of the Lugano sign; Lake Lugano and one of the many water faucets sprinkled throughout the city; the water here is very very good!

After the quick tennis hit, I visited the Migros grocery store across the street one last time for berries, salad and veggies and of course some Swiss chocolate! I paid cash to use up some of my Swiss francs and found out one of my 20 franc notes was old, and had to be replaced. That was when I noticed some other bills were old as well. The cashier told me I had to go to a bank to change them.

Back at the apartment eventually (missed one bus and the next two were late), we (Erin, her daughter Hannah and I) decided to go to Gandria via boat. Gandria is best viewed from the water. But first I was on a quest to find a bank to exchange my old notes…the first two had no tellers, but the third did and it took about 30 seconds to exchange the notes for new ones. Swiss efficiency!

We bought our tickets to Gandria, and took the boat past the base of Monte Bre (which we ascended via funicular Sunday), to Gandria, a village abutting the lake and built up the mountain. We arrived at noon and had a nice lunch overlooking the lake, then took the boat back to Lugano. I had a relaxing afternoon, walking through the center of town, then to the tennis club for a massage.


Red clay accouterments: nailed lines; staff watering the courts after sweeping; scorekeeper; Line brush (with a holder for the brush); holder for the sweeping brush; brush and mat to drag the courts; center, entrance by court three at TC Lido

Erin and her doubles partner Betty Michel won the 60 doubles over Aussies Julie Fidler/Rosemary Everett in the evening. Betty won the 60 singles.

Erin and Betty; Betty was jogging along the waterfront prior to her first round match that day!

Tomorrow we are planning on visiting Bellandoza (castles) and Mt Tamaro (views).

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  1. Congratulations on your win. Enjoying your travelogue. Enjoy. It is just as hot as Fl. Roz and Clem Hopp

    • Thank you! Florida has excellent air conditioning everywhere though. Hope you are doing ok.

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