Bocage Racquet Club Not Hosting ITF Regional Closed Championship; Tournament is a Category II USTA Tournament

The Bocage Racquet Club has decided not to host the ITF Regional Closed Championship for USA and Canadian Citizens. It will continue to host its current Category II (not Super Category II) tournament following USA rules. The tournament is open to anyone with a USTA membership. Players entering this event will NOT get ITF ranking points and will NOT get Super Category II USTA Ranking points. They will get Category II Ranking points.

The Bocage Racquet Club will host the inaugural ITF Regional Closed Championship. It is a Grade B1 ITF tournament (210 points) and a USTA Super Category II (500 point) ranking tournament. It is open only to residents of Canada and the USA.

The dates are April 9-14. The women’s events will finish in time for the players in the 60-80 divisions to compete in the USTA National Clay Courts in Huntsville at the end of the week.

This tournament also offers 30 and over (USTA points only).

Entry is via the IPIN at If you don’t have an IPIN, you can also buy one at the same website.

Deadline for singles entry is March 20th at 2pm GMT (8am Central time). Click here for more information:

For much more information, view the attached flyer.

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