Bordeaux Doubles Success

Lyn Mortimer and I played the 2nd seeds in the doubles yesterday and won 61 61, but the match was a bit closer than that score would indicate. We had several long deuce games during which the lead changed hands a few times. We played Beatrix Mezger Reboul of France and Ayse Sevtap Akdere of Turkey.

After the match I had some massage from the physio..because one can never have too many massages, then the tournament director gave us our prizes. I got 2 bottles of wine, a big one and a small one. Lyn drove from Germany and so ended up with a double prize.

In the morning and early afternoon I walked around Bordeaux along with what seemed to be half of France. The shopping streets were packed and there were sales everywhere.

I walked by the Cathedral and went by the Opera House and Intercontinental hotel. The doors on the old buildings are painted various colors and are pretty.

I did some clothes shopping and never saw any yoga pants. In fact, most of the clothing was pretty fitted, not much stretch to them. It was warm and most of the French women wore dresses or skirts. That’s the end of my fashion report.

Off next to Frankfurt then back to the USA.

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