Bueno Cup Blog: USA Finishes Second to France in Cup

By Tracy Houk

Today we played France in the finals, and lost, 2-0, both our singles, so they don’t play the doubles. Fran, played at #2 singles, and played the first 2 sets tough. She lost the first set, 6-4, and battled her way back in the second, to take it 7-5. I had to leave and cool off with a shower and get ready for the next singles match, after the third set was played. Yesterday against Italy, I stayed during Fran’s 3 1/2 hour match and I came up flat, when I went on. So, today, I tried to get myself ready. I heard Fran was up 2-1 in the third , and I was getting ready to go up next

When I heard the news, that France won 6-2. I got out on the back courts for a quick warmup with Gee Gee Garvin, from the USA 35 Team,  Suzanne Lenglen. The day was pretty warm and very humid. We started our match with service breaks, and as the points got longer, I felt like I had a chance to move her around and tire her out. Unfortunately, a couple points got away from me, and I lost the first set 6-3. But, I was moving well,

And she was starting to tire. We were battling back and fourth, I went down 2-0 on the second, but ran down some shots, that turned it around for me to go up 3-2, and I could see that she was fading with the heat. I was making her hit a lot of balls, and she was starting to miss. I felt the momentum change in my favor, but, a few loose points got her back in, and she went for some big shots and made them. We were tied at 4-4, and I was up 40-15, and lost that game for her to serve for the match. She went up 40-0, and I dig deep to get it to 40-30. We had a long rally, she dropshot me, I ran it down, hit it deep in the corner, she lobs, I’m running back for it, wind blowing against me, I thought it would go deep, it drops in, and there goes theatch, and the title. Remember, next time. When in doubt, HIT IT !!!!!!!! It was a tough loss, but Team Maria Bueno played tough all week ! I couldn’t be more proud, to be on this team, and have such great fighters and team spirit. Best teammates ever !!!

Thank you, Fran Chandler, Vicki Buholz and Judy Newman. Good luck at Imdividuals. See you there !!!

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