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  • Weekend Wrap: Wright, Cass, Bolotova Take Indoor Titles; Mena, Unseeded (!) Takes 40 Clay Title

    Sunday was a gorgeous day in San Diego and La Jolla and the 50-90 Hard Courts wrapped up the finals of the men’s events and the consolation for the women’s national events. All results can be found here: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=153474. Eventually the women’s results will be located here: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=153471

    Bonus Photo:Conan Lorenzo,  Tina Karwasky, Jan Kirkland-Cochran, Bill Kellogg, Una Davis, Carolyn Nichols are below:

    60 doubles final 5-16-2015 5-16-31 PM

    In Homewood, IL, the Women’s 35/45/55 Indoors finished today. Yulia Bolotova won the 35 singles and doubles (with Julie Ogborne); Julie Cass won the 45 singles and doubles (with Alissa Finerman) and Susan Wright won the 55 singles and doubles (with Tracey Thompson). All results can be found here: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=156764

    45 doubles, Cass, Finerman, Ogborne, Works V__B9EE Watanabe Cass

    Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Ricardo Mena, unseeded (despite being a finalist in 40 singles at the ITF World Championships in Florida last May, which included a straight set win over Jared Jacobs) cruised through the draw, beating unseeded Willie Dann (who took out the #1 and #4 seeds) in the final. Dann and Lew Miller though took the doubles gold.

    All results: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=156916#&&s=7Draws3

  • Nideffer, Karwasky, Wachob, Herrick and Hall Win Singles at 50-90 Hard Courts; Wright/Vick, Watanabe/Cass and Bolotova/Nevin Reach Singles Finals at IWomen’s Indoors

    In La Jolla the sun came out and on a cool breezy day the titles were decided and the gold balls awarded in all age divisions.

    Ros Nideffer beat Fran Chandler to win the 50s for the third time in four years. She just smacks the ball and follows it up with great volleys, as befits a multiple doubles Grand Slam champion.

    In 50 doubles, Lisa Namu/Judy Newman beat defending champions Ellie Hammargren/Jennifer Lyons in three sets. Erika Smith/Mary Dailey won the doubles bronze.

    In the 60s, Tina edged me 36 76 75 and held off one match point in the third set to win her fourth straight title here. The match lasted over three hours and believe me there was a lot of running during that match. Tina, who was off her game a bit, changed tactics several times during the match. Rita Giles won the bronze by default over an injured Martha Downing.

    In doubles however, Una Davis played inspired tennis and Una and I won the doubles 60 64 over Tina and Jan Kirkland-Cochran. Una dominated the middle of the court, she hit awesome volleys all match long. It was her first senior gold ball, only because she hasn’t played many senior events.

    In the 70s, Betty Wachob edged Cathie Anderson in three sets, despite having suffered a fall on the court on Thursday which ended with a face plant (and a nice black eye). Charleen Hillebrand won the bronze with a straight set win over Peggy Andry.

    Andry didn’t go home empty handed though…she and Jane Pang won the doubles over Carolann Castell/Judy Louie while Anderson/Wachob placed third with a straight set win over Ann Hunt/Sheila Weinstock.

    Burnett Herrick edged Dorothy Matthiessen in three sets to win the 80s singles crown and Judith Smith beat Mary John Lynch to place third. In doubles, Buffington/Winans take on Herrick/Smith in the doubles final tomorrow.

    Cathie Hall won the 90 singles and doubles (with Elaine Mason).

    All results; http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=153474#&&s=8Results0

    Meanwhile, in Homewood, IL:

    Susan Wright will face Kathy Vick in the 55 singles final and also in the doubles final (Susan is playing with Tracey Thompson, Kathy with Kim Steinmetz.

    In the 45s, the final is between Jolene Watanabe and Julie Cass and the doubles is Cass/Alissa Finerman vs Julie Ogborne/Shelly Works.

    In the 35s, Erin Nevin (who is also a semifinalist in the 45s!) will face Yulia Bolotova, the defending champion, in the final. Bolotova/Ogborne won the three team round robin in women’s 35 doubles.

    All draws/results: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=156764#&&s=7Draws6

  • Top Seeds Advance to Finals in All Age Divisions at the 50-90 Hard Courts; Play Continues in Vancouver, WA in Men’s 80-90 Indoors

    The women’s singles semis were all completed today before unseasonable (but welcome, except to the tournament directors) rain spritzed on and off during the afternoon and evening. 

    In the 50s, Fran Chandler, the reigning 50s world champion and Ros Nideffer, the 2012 50s world champion will face off in the final on Saturday. Fran avenged a loss to Judy Newman, beating her 62 63 today and Nideffer beat Tracy Houk 62 62. Houk suffered a recurrance of a hip strain midway through the match and withdrew from the 3/4 playoff as a precaution.  In 50 doubles, Ellie Hammagren and Jennifer Lyons put on a doubles clinic in dispatching Mariana Hollman and Tracey Worley in a rain interrupted semi, 64 61. Lyons rarely misses and was a great setter while Hammagren hit lots of fantastic overheads and aggressive volleys. Erika Smith/Mary Dailey and Newman/Lisa Namu are in the third set of their doubles match with Newman/Namup up 1/0 and serving. 

    In the 60s, Tina Karwasky had to hit a lot of balls to get past Rita Giles, who is fast, fit and consistent, but Tina won 60 62. I beat Martha Downing 61 61 but the second set featured a lot of long deuce games and was much closer than the score would indicate. I play Tina on Saturday morning. 

    In doubles, Una Davis and I are up 64 02 15 all with our opponents serving. The first rain delay was when we were 43 up in the first and the final one was 5 games later. 

    Tina Karwasky/Jan Kirkland-Cochran vs, Sherri Bronson/Ann Stanley has yet to get underway or was just started. 

    Play will continue not before noon tomorrow. 

    In the 70s, Cathie Anderson and Betty Wachob advanced to the final. Wachob allowed Charleen Hillebrand only a game while Anderson beat Peggy Andry 64 64.  Anderson/Wachob split sets with Judy Louie/Carolann Castell before the final rain delay; Jane Pang/Peggy Andry and Sheila Weinstock/Ann Hunt started later. I don’t know that score. Betty Wachob had a scary fall in the doubles. She slipped and broke the fall with her face and has a black eye but continued playing and won the second set. 

    In the 80s, Dorothy Matthiessen easily beat Mary John Lynch, but Burnett Herrick had to go three sets to beat her doubles partner, Judith Smith. 

    All results/draws here: https://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?t=153474

    Up in Vancouver, WA, Tony Franco won the men’s 90s over Graydon Nichols and in the men’s 85s, Joe Russell beat Lou Wick 76 60 to win the gold. Russell and Clem Hopp won the 85 doubles. 

    In the 80s, Nielsen/Hurlbut will play for the singles tomorrow and already combined to win the doubles gold over Nelson/Watts. 

    All results/draws https://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=156613

  • Women’s 50-90 Hard Courts Into the Semis; Franco/Nichols Win 90 Indoors

    Today was quarterfinal day at the National Women’s Hard Courts and there was nonstop action. It was quite windy all day, a storm brewing I think.

    In the 50s, Tracy Houk was super intense in her 60 60 win over Mariana Hollman. They had long rallies but Mariana just said that Tracy made about four unforced errors the entire match! Ros Nideffer had a tough match with Ellie Hammagren, winning 63 63. Ros hits a ball that’s different from the other players…the sound is just so solid and her spin on her serve is outstanding. Judy Newman ousted #3 seeded Erika Smith in a battle that lasted nearly three hours. Erika pounded her forehand and serve and Judy ran for everything, winning 64 in the third. Fran Chandler played a flawless match to beat Anna Zimmermann.

    In doubles, the top four seeds prevailed, though Kaus/Nunez had a tough match, losing 63 75 to Smith/Mary Dailey.

    In the 60s, Rita Giles ran like a deer to oust #4 seed Sherri Bronson, 76 63. avenging her loss to Sherri at the Clay a few weeks ago. Tina Karwasky and Martha Downing advanced with ease to the semis. I had a tough battle with Leslie Murveit, much tougher than the 61 62 score would indicate.

    In doubles, Bronson/Ann Stanley prevailed 64 in the third over Rita Rector/Julie David. Downing/Kathy Bennett beat Murveit/Sue Sprague 3, 1. Karwasky/Jan Kirkland-Cochran won easily. Una Davis and I beat Carol Gay/Sheila Johnson 75 61.

    In the 70s, Peggy Andry is making her mark. She upset #4 seeded Sheila Weinstock in singles and combined with Jane Pang to oust #2 seeded Suella Steel/Charleen Hillebrand. Cathie Anderson, Betty Wachob and Hillebrand also advanced easily in singles. Weinstock and Ann Hunt though upset #4 seeded Elizabeth Barnhill/Shari Ploor; Carolann Castell/Judy Louie took three sets to beat Dori deVries and Roz King who were playing down from the 75s.

    In the 80s, the four seeds reached the semis, Dorothy Matthiessen, Burnett Herrick, Mary John Lynch and Judith Smith.

    The 90s were underway too with Cathie Hall putting in an impressive performance against Betty Eisenstein, showing she’s fully recovered from a rear-end auto accident she suffered a couple of years ago.

    All results are here: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=153474#&&s=8Results0

    In the Men’s Indoors in Vancouver, WA, the first champions were crowned today, my dad Graydon Nichols and Tony Franco from Briarcliff Manor NY won the 90 doubles. They play each other in the final match of the round robin tomorrow for the gold. Here’s a photo sent to me by Nancy Ansboury of the golden pair. Tony has two artificial knees which hasn’t slowed him down a bit!

    Dad and Tony

    In other action up there, #2 seeded George Watts was upset by Doug Kerin; they join #3 seeded Dennis Nielsen, Lenny (I’m only going to play one match) Lindborg and top seeded Neil Hurlbut in the semis. In a battle of the Nelsons (Jim and Chuck), Chuck & Watts upset #2 seeded Lindborg/Jim Nelson and face Hurlbut/Nielsen in the final.

    In the 85s, Lou Wick and Joe Russell will play for the gold.

    Draws and results can be found here: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=156613#&&s=7Draws6

  • La Jolla Women’s Hard Courts & Vancouver, WA Men’s Indoors

    All the seeds were in action in singles and doubles in the 50, 60 & 70s today in La Jolla. Upsets though were few and far between; in the 70s, Lorna Brooks, a junior star in her youth, took out a #5-8 seed, Elizabeth Barnhill, aided by a foot injury Elizabeth suffered the day before, so the score was 41 retired, injury. Dori deVries and Roz King, standouts in the 75s and playing down here upset a 5-8 seed in doubles, Fiscalini/Loose. They take on #3 seeds, Louie/Castell in the quarters.

    In the 50s singles & doubles all seeds advanced convincingly, but in doubles, the #2 seeds, Erika Smith/Mary Dailey were pushed to 3 sets by Annemarie Brigandi and Shelly Bartlett before winning the third 64. It was a very nice Court 1 match, good tennis.

    In the 60s, a #5-8 seed, Machoian/Oelschlager were upset by Gay/Johnson in three sets, but the other seeds advanced.

    The 80s got underway with the #3 and #4 seeds winning; the top two seeds had a bye.

    I won my singles over Susan Davis 61 61 and Una Davis and I won our doubles by the same score. Tomorrow the quarters are played and the tennis gets a lot tougher.

    For all draws/results: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=153474#&&s=7Draws19


    In the Men’s 80-90 Indoors my dad played his first singles match of the year in the 90s and won 63 63. In the 80s there were no upsets so far today; in the 85s, the #3 seed, Eitel lost in three sets.

    For all results: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=156613#&&s=7Draws8

  • La Jolla National Women’s Hard Courts, 50-90, at La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club/ Men’s 80, 85, 90 Indoors Underway in Washington

    Another day, another city, another tournament…it’s called resort hopping I guess, to go from Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs in the Desert to La Jolla on the Pacific Ocean and the fantastic La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club. No complaints here!

    The 50-90 Hard Courts began today in the 50, 60 & 70 divisions. There was a full 32 draw in the 60s so all eight seeds were in action. Peggy Machoian, one of the 5-8 seeds was the only upset, falling 36 75 ret. inj. to Debbie Burgess (she heard a pop in her arm at 42 2nd set, and though she won the next game, Burgess won the set and Machoian retired). All other seeds advanced with convincing wins. A minor upset was San Diego’s Sue Davis’ win over Chieko Holt.

    In the 50s, there were only 2 byes and the six seeds in action lost only a handful of games between them. The same was true in the 70s where there were only a couple of seeds in action.

    Tomorrow all the seeds will be playing in singles and doubles in the 50,60 and 70s and the 80s will get underway.

    I played Yodie Therrien today on Court 2 and won comfortably but Yodie played well and we had some long rallies. Yodie is shown below.

    Yodie Therrien

    There’s also a strong local men’s event going on here for the 60-85 divisions.

    Here’s a link to the draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=153474

    The men’s 80, 85 and 90 Indoors is underway now up in Vancouver, WA. My dad is playing in the 90s where he and his doubles partner, Tony Franco, are the “young kids” in the division, having been born in 1925.

    This event had a few matches today but gets underway in earnest tomorrow. Chuck Nelson, the #4 seed in men’s 80 singles withdrew with an injury today though.

    Here’s a link to those draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=156613