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  • Father/Daughter (80+) Champions

    Today Dad and I took on Susan Wright and Enver Mehmedbasich in the final of the USTA National Father/Daughter 80+ Hard Courts. There were a lot of gold balls on this court going into the match (Wright: 79; Mehmedbasich: 9; Graydon: 51; Carolyn 30, for a total of 169) and everyone wanted one more. I mean we are playing for the love of the game and for the competition, yada yada yada, but really, it’s all about the gold balls. 😉

    Actually, when your father is 89+ as mine is or even a youthful 82 as Susan’s is, it’s really special to play with one’s father, though it’s special at any age.

    Dad had asked what he thought our opponents’ strategy would be today. They saw the end of our match yesterday where Dad was on fire, hitting lines right and left with his volleys, so my comment was that they weren’t going to hit the ball to him at net. Susan is an excellent strategist. I was pretty much right, so there were a lot of long rallies since Dad wasn’t in play to put the ball away! We started well, breaking Susan in the first game…then lost the next four. It wasn’t looking too promising. However, we cut down on our errors and leveled the match at 4-4 and even had a set point at 6-5, on Dad’s serve but the set ended in a tiebreak which we won 7-1. We carried the momentum into the second set, going up 4-0, but I was broken at 4-0. From then on out it was a tight set, which we managed to win 6-3. It was a fun, good quality match to finish the tournament.

    In other action, the team we played yesterday, Jody and Don Neuman, won the bronze.

    The father/daughter open was won by the Faillas in three sets over a South African team.

    The senior father/daughter was won by local stars, John and Hannah Holliday, in three sets over the top seeds, the Morse-Karzens 7-5 in the third, despite dropping the second set 6-1.

    The super senior father/daughter was won by Herm Ahlers/Krista Oconnor over the Ouwendijks.

    Dad and me -001 Dad, me, Susan, Enver, Tom Susan, Enver-001

  • Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Hard Court Nationals

    San Diego, California (aka America’s Finest City)

    The USTA National Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Hard Courts began today at the Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego. There are four father/daughter divisions: open, senior (father has to be 60), super senior (father must be 70) and 80+ (father has to be 80). There’s only one mother/son division, open.

    My dad is 89, so we are playing in the 80+ division and it’s a tough one, with Susan Wright and her dad Enver Mehmedbasich playing along with Jodi Neuman-Rea and Don Neuman among the eight teams. This is much different from other nationals; more casual atmosphere and a unique type of play.

    Today we played WT Mathes and Myra O’Dell from Tennessee. WT is the oldest father in this division: he just turned 94, but he’s very spry and was jogging to pick up balls. Dad wasn’t jogging to pick up balls but when the ball  hit his racquet it was directed in general to a spot on the court no one was covering. We won 60 60. Tomorrow we play Jodi and Don Neuman and they are a very good team; we played them in the final last year. They beat Roberta Goodwin and her dad Maynard Lewis 63 61; Mr. Lewis has really good hands.  Susan and her dad played Jay Turner and Kathy Emmerson, who are a good team and beat them 60 60, though there were a lot of long, hard fought games. They play Kelly Pacheco/Gene Fisher tomorrow. Susan covered a LOT of court; at times Enver was pretty much off the court while Susan played singles, but when Enver got a ball in his strike zone, especially at net, he finished the point off.

    Erika Smith played this event for the first time with her dad Harold Smith and was happy to be here and healthy (and happy her dad was as well). Bill  Kellogg and Tiffany Kellogg, seeded third, won today as did John and Hannah Holliday; if those teams both win at 9am tomorrow the afternoon match would be an all La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club match.

    Dina McBride is playing mother/son as are Lisa Namu and Ann Stanley; all are seeded.

    There was a player dinner, a casual barbecue, at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club tonight. It was very nice and relaxed. After dinner we adjourned to the beach to take some photos. There was a prom party going on…a lot of glamorous young men and women anyway, dressed in  long gowns (women) and tuxes or suits (men), mixed in with guests and members having barbecues on the beach and wearing bathing suits.

    To see the draws, click here: http://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=141759

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