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  • Karwasky, Herreman Bagby, Gay, & Langer Win Bronze Singles Balls at the National Hard Courts; Davis/Clery-Ferrell Take Doubles Bronze

    The bronze ball matches (the 3/4 playoffs) were held on a beautiful sunny day Saturday at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, along with feed-in consolation matches and a very strong local men’s tournament.

    Draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/tournamenthome/tournament.aspx?T=188290#&&s=8Results0

    Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/8eFW2ehTkKpEoZkj7

    Sherri Bronson started strongly against Karwasky, winning the first two games and having a point for 3-0. Tina’s coffee apparently kicked in then, and she went on to win 62 61. Sherri said Tina hit hard and played great to win the 60s bronze ball in singles. In 60 doubles, Colleen Clery Ferrell won her first ever USTA ball with Una Davis over last year’s finalists Andrea Barnes/Leslie Murveit 63 64. Una commented that she was so nervous because Colleen had never won a ball and she wanted to win one for her partner. The second set was tight too…Una and Colleen led 3-0 before Andrea and Leslie rebounded to level the set. They had an ad to go up 4/3 but Una/Colleen stopped the run and served it out 5/4.

    3 4 60s playoff-0043 4 60s playoff-0123 4 60s playoff-0153 4 60s playoff-0163 4 60s playoff-019

    Shelly Works and Natalie Herreman Bagby played for the bronze in the 50s, and Natalie won a well played match 64 64. You won’t find any better sportsmanship than that displayed during their match and the tennis was good too.

    Shelly Bill Natalie

    Carol Gay upset Cathie Anderson 63 62 to take the 70s singles bronze in an all San Diego county match. Carol Clay commented that it was a well played match by both.

    Kathy Langer added a singles bronze to her doubles silver, ending the tournament on a high note. She beat 2015 world 80s  champion Burnett Herrick 63 62.

    The 90s finished with Rita Price dominating the division…as she would tell you, she can run (and dance…and sing). Betty Cookson/Rita won the 90 doubles too.

    Betty Rita-001

    Yesterday I also watched quite a bit of a good 50s consolation match. Andrea Rice/Sheila Walker played Judy Newman/Lucia Romanov.  The teams split the first two sets, and played a match tiebreak for the third, won 10-8 by Newman/r\Romanov, who were then to play Erika Smith/Mary Dailey. However Newman had a flight to catch and so Dailey/Smith took fifth by default.

    50s doubles cons. semis-00450s doubles cons. semis-00550s doubles cons. semis-00650s doubles cons. semis-013

    Andrea Rice, who gave Ros Nideffer her only tight match in the tounament (she lost 62 64, earning more games than the rest of Ros’ opponents combined) won the back draw over Vicky Cosio in the 50s.

    50s doubles cons. semis-015

    Colleen Ferrell took fifth in the 60 singles with a 76 61 win over Debbie Burgess.

    3 4 60s playoff-017

    Mary Alice Pisani placed 5th in the 70s with a default win over Carmen Almodovar.

    Lyn Tietz won the 80 consolation over Ingrid Rehwinkel 62 62.

    Placing fifth in doubles in the other divisions were Sherri Bronson/julie David (60); Carolann Castell/Peggy Andry (70) and Sheila Palmer/Mary John Lynch (80).

    Friday these seats were all filled to capacity with other spectators standing…today they are empty and the club is getting back to normal.

    empty seats

    Thanks Bill Kellogg, Pierrette Featherby, the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club members and staff, the volunteers and everyone who made this tournament a great event. See you next year!

  • Nideffer, Wright, Carter & King Win Singles Crowns at Hard Courts in La Jolla

    Today was a long day of tennis. Susan Wright and I started play around 11:30 and finished close to 2pm. Susan played really well, making few errors, moved really well and hit some great shots. I played pretty well after going down 5-0 in the first sets, though I had chances to win several of those games…thwarted by Susan’s line kissing shot or a net cord winner! Susan won 64 63. Doubles went our way….after starting slowly…we dropped the first set 62 and never held serve, we broke to start the second and stayed in the lead throughout the set, finally winning it on our third set point 64. The third set was equally tight, though we had chances to get a big lead. Robin was all over the net, she’s really a phenomenal doubles player and partner. We won 26 64 64 and I served it out (!). Susan and Tina played well too. They both have excellent serves and returns and move well. We were really happy to pull it out. We finished at 6:30 (we started around 4pm), just in time for the fantastic player dinner at the Beach Club.


    It was a golden day for the top seeds named Ros…or Roz. Ros Nideffer had an easier day at the office today, winning the singles final over Jean Marie Alpert 60 62, and teaming with Debbie Spence Nasim to beat last year’s champions, Ellie Hammargren/Jennifer Lyons 60 61. The points in that match were excellent…the game ending ones though consistently went to Ros and Debbie.

    Roz King added two more gold balls to her collection, winning the singles over her doubles partner Dori DeVries 64 16 64, a match in which she won one fewer game than her opponent. In doubles, in a match that was played today (not yesterday as the results page on tennislink had indicated), Roz and Dori beat Carol Wood/Dorothy Wasser 63 61. Kathy Langer/Burnett Herrick took third when Dorothy Matthiessen had to retire (her husband took a fall that landed him in the hospital, though he seems to be recovering well).

    Brenda Carter beat Carol Clay 62 61 to win the 70 singles and nearly added a gold ball in doubles too with Allyson Bolduc. However, Liane Bryson/Cathie Anderson had other plans. After dropping the first set 62, they rallied to win the second 76 (9) and ran away with the third 63. Carol Gay/Sheila Johnson took the bronze with a three set win over Ann Hunt/Judy Louie.

    The 90s singles and doubles are ongoing in round robin form.

    The 3/4 playoffs are tomorrow along with ongoing consolation and men’s tournament matches.



  • Into the Finals on a Sunny, Breezy California Day

    Update: The women’s 80 final was not played on Thursday, it was an input error. The final is scheduled for Friday.


    Today, Thursday, was semifinal day for the national hard courts in La Jolla at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club.

    First a late update from yesterday: Natalie Herreman Bagby/Alissa Finerman upset the #4 seeds in the 50 doubles, Jennifer Dawson/Jenny Rens Keller in three sets to advance to the semis. And Carol Gay did get past Carolann Castell in the 70 singles, in straight sets. Also, Gay/Sheila Johnson upset #3 seeds  Carolann Castell/Peggy Andry in the 70 quarters.

    Now onto Thursday results.

    Most of the dramatic matches occurred today in the 50s where the viewing section by Court 1 was packed with well over 100 spectators. The two 50s finalist could not have taken more different paths to the final. Ros Nideffer, the top seed and defending champion routed Shelly Works 60 60, though they had some good points. Ros however was aggressive and attacked often and effectively.

    Jean Alpert, the third seed, took the long route to the final, completing a fine comeback 06 64 76 over Natalie Herreman Bagby, last year’s finalist and the 2nd seed. Alpert had dropped their only previous meeting last year in the final of the Asics 50 singles, 60 62. Natalie seemed on track to repeat the performance, going ahead 60 2-0 and then 3-1 before Alpert fought back, winning the set 64 to level the match. The third set was a see-saw affair, with Alpert going up 4-1 against a tired opponent. Herreman Bagby fought back, winning several long games to level the set at 4-4 at which time she needed a medical time out for a pulled groin. After having her leg wrapped, she managed to go up 65 and had some match points, but Alpert fought them off and eventually won the tiebreak.

    The 50 doubles semis were also quite different. Beverly Bowes-Hackney/Alpert played defending champions Jennifer Lyons/Ellie Hammargren. Bowes pulled her hamstring early on, and though she continued to play, Lyons/Hammargren won 64 61. Meanwhile, Nideffer/Debbie Spence Nasim, the top seeds,  took on Finerman/Herreman Bagby. Alissa/Natalie seemed bent on scoring a second upset. Ros/Debbie grabbed the first set in the tiebreak 76; Alissa/Natalie took the second 75. The third set went to the top seeds 63, but the games were tight and the points amazing, particularly the match point. The crowd was roaring after many of the points, it was fantastic tennis.

    In the 60s, Susan Wright ended her doubles partner’s bid for a sixth straight crown in La Jolla, despite dropping eight games in the row in the middle of the match. Wright beat Tina Karwasky 62 06 63. Apparently there was a game in the middle of the third set which had about a dozen or more deuces. Susan won it and then coasted to the finish line.

    I beat Sherri Bronson 63 63. Sherri played a clever match and I was happy to get past her in straight sets.

    Robin Harris and I won our semi over Una Davis/Colleen Ferrell 63 61. Robin played more like someone 6’3” than 5’3” …she can really cover the court! Susan and Tina beat last year’s finalists Andrea Barnes/Leslie Murveit in straight sets.

    There were no close matches in the semis of the 70s or 80s and only one  upset. Carol Clay beat her hostess for the week, Cathie Anderson 64 60 and Brenda Carter beat Carol Gay 61 64. Carter/Allyson Bolduc, seeded 4th, upset top seeded Ann Hunt/Judy Louie 62 64 and Anderson/Liane Bryson beat Carol Gay/Sheila Johnson 63 63.

    Roz King and Dori Devries will reprise the 80s final from the Clay Courts three weeks ago tomorrow. King beat Burnett Herrick and DeVries beat Kathy Langer. Devries/King beat Wasser/Wood 62 61 in the final. Tietz/Matthiessen had to withdraw in the semis due to Matthiessen’s husband having a fall.

    The 90s are rolling along with Rita Price leading the way in singles and doubles (with Betty Cookson).  Rita and Betty are shown below with Susan Wright. There was a nice barbecue on the beach last night…though the sea gulls were uninvited guests.





  • Drizzly Day at La Jolla Spring Hardcourts 

    It’s going to be a late night tonight due to morning drizzle and a packed schedule in La Jolla, so here is a late afternoon briefing. 

    I won my singles over Donna Drosner 62 62. Donna played well and we had some good points and games. Susan Wright and Tina Karwasky played great to advance past Colleen Ferrell and Andrea Barnes respectively. Andrea commented that Tina played particularly well today with more zip on her shots. Apparently Tina has been working extra hard at the gym. 

    However the match of the day in the 60s was the three hour long battle between Sherri Bronson seeded 5-8 and 4th seeded Lesley Murveit. Bronson won 60 26 63. The last set took over an hour and the points were long and grueling. 

    The only other upset today was Kathy Langer’s straight set win over #3 seed Carol Wood. 

    All other seeds in the 50, 60, 70, & 80 advanced in straight sets except possibly for Carol Gay who is still battling Carolann Castell. 

    Doubles is yet to be played. We play Julie David/Bronson pretty soon. 

    Draws: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?t=188290

    Below players waiting for courts and working on their devices. 

  • La Jolla Hard Courts on a May Gray Sort of Day

    The weather today was a May Gray sort of day, mostly overcast though the sun tried to peak out. However, there was lots of tennis and no rain in the paradise called La Jolla.

    I won my singles match against Marianne Saibara from Utah. Robin Harris and I also won out doubles against a San Diego team of Ruth Young and Janet McLees. Tomorrow is quarterfinal day for all the women’s draws other than the 90s which is a round robin and starts tomorrow.

    There was only one upset today, a marathon four hour match between Kristin Fudalla, seeded in the 5-8 group and Yumi Hansen from Utah. Yumi won 57 75 63 and you could hear the effort expended from several courts away. However there were some good close matches in the doubles. Erika Smith and Mary Dailey had a tough three setter with Andrea Rice/Sheila Walker. Judy Newman/Lucia Romanov also had to battle long and hard to get past Tai Sisson/Lis Andrade…there were a lot of long rallies, lobs and overheads in that match and it was really windy too. The reward for the two victorious teams is a date with the top 2 doubles seeds tomorrow.

    The remaining seeds in all divisions advanced without too much trouble. The top 8 80s seeds all won without anyone losing more than 3 games! (Nice job by the seeding committee there). Here are a few photos of the club, beach and trophies.


    Draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/tournamenthome/tournament.aspx?T=188290#&&s=7Draws20

    Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/8eFW2ehTkKpEoZkj7

  • A Tournament Held in a Paradise Called La Jolla

    The 50/60/70/80/90 Women’s Hard Courts began today at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club in La Jolla, CA, near San Diego. The club is wonderful, located right on the La Jolla Shores beach, with a dozen hard courts, many of them lighted. Photos of tennis players from different eras who have played there are displayed throughout the club, along with International Hall of Fame member Dodo Cheney’s nearly 400 gold balls. (They aren’t real gold, so anyone thinking of making off with a “gold mine”, you’ll be disappointed…they represent accomplishment, not riches.)

    After an unseasonable rainy weekend, today was a sparkling clear day. I played my first match today, the round of 32, against Anna Greer from Florida, and won. Tomorrow I play someone from Utah, Marianne, whom I’d not met before today.

    There’s also a senior men’s tournament here which is very popular, in singles and doubles 60-80+. It attracts quite a few really good national players and all the locals as well.

    National tournaments for the women are a lot like reunions especially the first day or two. Some players I haven’t seen since last year here, some were in Bocage just a couple of weeks ago. It’s an energetic, fun atmosphere, full of hope and health and energy at the beginning!

    One funny thing happened today. There are seagulls everywhere…they are looking for lunch, players are eating lunch…sometimes the two don’t go together. I was carefully  eating my sandwich and reached for something in my purse…and lost 1/4 of my sandwich..good thing it was a big one. These are some well fed seagulls here.

    The less funny thing was that Christina Kaus fell during her first round match with Andrea Rice and hurt her wrist and had to withdraw. Sad smile

    Draws: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/tournamenthome/tournament.aspx?T=188290#&&s=7Draws18

    Tomorrow doubles also starts for Robin Harris and me. I’ll take a few photos too. But for now I’ll leave you with this one from a prior year.

    La Jolla 40s Saturday 2015 (62)