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  • Manning, Nichols, McColskey & Anderson Win Singles Titles Sunday at Crawford Cup

    Sunday was a beautiful day to play tennis, albeit a bit warm for Northerners, as temperatures flirted with 80 and the humidity increased. All the singles started at 9am.

    I played Ann Clark, who is not yet 55 (she turns 55 in May). She took out the #4 seed, Sally Smith, in straight sets on Thursday and was on Fran Chandler’s side of the draw. (Fran hurt her leg in warm up yesterday). Anyway, Ann is a good player, moved well and we played well over 90 minutes before I won 60 63. The 3/4 was a double default as Susan Boyer hurt herself in the second set of our match yesterday.

    starred photos Sunday

    Wendy McColskey, making her 65s debut, beat Anne Guerrant (who ranked as high as #11 in the world and who won the Australian Open doubles title twice) 63 63. Wendy impressed with her forehand and movement all week. The 3/4 was a long battle finally won 9-7 in the third set tiebreak over Toni Novack in about three hours.

    Cathie Anderson and Charleen HIllebrand, both from Southern California, have had many battles. Cathie anticipates really well and Charleen has always had aggressive ground strokes. Cathie came out on top  after dropping the first set; she won the final sets 64 63 and wore out Hillebrand in the hot and humid conditions. Hillebrand though recovered well enough to combine with Sheila Weinstock to win the 75 doubles 63 62 over Ria Graham/Carol Wood. Sheila fell to Susanne Clark in three sets in the 3/4 playoff.

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    Tangerine Manning, a tall big hitter, overpowered Martha Garzon 62 75 to win the 45 singles. Kris McDonald and Kathy Zanon though won the 45 doubles over much younger opponents Barni/O’Hern 62 75.

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    Results: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=192561

    Photos: https://goo.gl/photos/Wmf39qxu2CQjofAk8


    Thanks to Margy Edmund, Peggy Machoian, the staff and members of the Lauderdale Tennis Club for hosting another successful Crawford Cup tournament. Great weather, nice crowds, lots of fun.

  • Crawford Cup Saturday: Injuries Plague 55s; Wendy McColskey Impresses in 65s Debut; All California 75s Final

    There was a lot of great tennis, particularly in singles on another sunny, warm, gorgeous day in South Florida. With temperatures approaching 80, the play also heated up.

    Starting with the oldest division: the 85s finished yesterday and Canada’s legendary Rosie Asch took home all the titles. She moves incredibly well and is the current 85s world champion. She beat Jane Lutz from the USA who won all the 85 nationals last year. In doubles, Rosie and Lucille Kyvallos beat Lutz/Wiedemann in the doubles final.

    I played the semis today against Susan Boyer. Yesterday I beat Terri Thompson from the Orlando area, a tricky lefty, lots of big forehands combined with a nice backhand dropshot; she hit a lot of lines but missed some too and I won 62 62. Today, Susan Boyer was another tricky opponent. Susan rarely misses a ball and trying to outrally her can cause you to end up in the hospital with dehydration! I came to net as much as possible and was leading 63 20 30-40 when she heard a pop and had pain in her arch. She tried to continue and won that game but had to retire. Earlier, at 4-2, I had slightly sprained my ankle, but it didn’t seem to hamper me once it was wrapped. I play Ann Clark tomorrow. Ann only played 1 game against Fran Chandler, who injured her knee in warm up with me (on a serve, not running); she too heard a pop and was having a hard time walking afterwards, She tried playing but wasn’t able to play. Ann upset #4 seeded Sally Smith earlier in the tournament and I am to play her at 9am tomorrow. Pam and I finished third in doubles because we were to play Susan Boyer and Abbi Neuthaler and Susan could not play.

    starred photos Saturday 2-008


    The team Pam and I lost to yesterday, Ginnard/Bottinelli, beat the top seeds (and last year’s 50 clay court finalists), McDonald/Zanon in another marathon. We lost in 2.5 hours yesterday; McDonald/Zanon barely beat Boyer/Neuthaler 76 (5) in the third in about 3.5 hours. The match today was plenty long, won 63 67 63 and it was hard to finish a point on that court. The large crowd was highly entertained. Mary Ginnard teaches here at the Lauderdale Club and so had the crowd cheering enthusiastically for her.

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    In the 65s, Wendy McColskey rode her forehand, mobility and dropshot to a 63 63 win over Vicky McEvoy. She will face Anne Guerrant, who edged Toni Novack 76 in the first set, then won the second 61; it will be an interesting final tomorrow between players who have quite different styles of play, baseline (McColskey) vs all court. McColskey/Cindy Babb struggled past Novack/McEvoy yesterday in three sets but were sharp today against Lil Peltz-Petow/Sue Kimball, winning 61 61. McEvoy/Novack took third with a hard fought 75 75 win over Sue Bramlette/Cindy LePrevost.

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    The 75s final will pit Charleen Hillebrand and Cathie Anderson, both from SoCal against each other. They are both experienced players who have met many times before; Hillebrand dominates with her forehand and flat drives; Anderson has a beautiful slice backhand and wicked drop shot. Hillebrand/Sheila Weinstock play Carol Wood/Ria Graham in doubles.

    starred photos Saturday 2-007starred photos Saturday Crawford 2017-027starred photos Saturday Crawford 2017-028

    The 45s is a round robin but tomorrow the two heretofore undefeated players, Martha Garzon and Tangerine Manning will meet for the title; Garzon is an all court player who uses finesse and power; Manning is a hard flatball hitter. Both are nice players and it should be a good final. Barni/O’Hern took out the #2 seeds, Cooke/Neuthaler in 45 doubles 61 61; Pam said that they were very good and hit very hard and ran very fast; they take on McDonald/Zanon tomorrow.

    Draws are here: http://m.tennislink.usta.com/TournamentHome/tournament.aspx?t=192561

    Photos are here: https://goo.gl/photos/Wmf39qxu2CQjofAk8 (more will be uploaded tomorrow).