Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic is a Unesco World Heritage site (castle and old town) and is really picturesque. The town is dominated by the castle which dates back to the 1200s. It sits in a horseshoe bend of the Vltava River, and along with tourists taking in the castle and old town there is hiking, biking and rafting in the area. There were a lot of younger tourists taking a long time to pose for photos. We finally figured out to see how the “kids” posed and to mimic their lighting and angles and it pretty much worked to get some better photos!

We stayed in the old town. Navigating the mostly pedestrian streets in an SUV was a challenge, especially on arrival…departure in the daytime was easier. All in all I prefer to be a passenger to a driver though.

We went around 10 to the castle which was about when the ticket office opened. We walked up the staircase which was a mixture of wood and stone to the tower where the views were fantastic. Then Susan, Robin and I went to the museum while Erika scoped out the lovely gardens and more great views of the city and surrounding verdant fields.

After checking out of our hotel (which was right on the river with great views of the castle, all for 60 euros a night including breakfast), we wandered around the town, up to the castle and over the gardens and had a nice lunch overlooking the river.

After lunch we wandered a bit more, did a little shopping and then headed to Prague. Once we finally got on the right road to Prague, things went smoothly, but the in car navigator was fired for several hours by me, and I did end up going about in circles at one point for about 30 minutes…alls well that ends well.

Tomorrow we’ll tour Prague…another day, another castle. The weather has been perfect since Sunday morning, sunny and crisp.

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