Chamisal, Tuesday

It was another fine, sunny day at the hard courts, mid-80s there (mid-60s along the beach, 30 minutes away, that’s California for you).

There was a lot of action, but few upsets; 4th seeded Joan Kingsley lost in the 75 singles, the only upset. Dorothy Matthiessen pulled out of the singles with a bad back…maybe that’s the biggest upset in the 75s, but she was out hitting and is playing the doubles.

I won my singles over Pam Schulz, a lefty from Napa/Rancho Mirage. Fortunately, I’ve been practicing with lefties lately, so I was happy to play one in a tournament. My doubles partner, Tracy Viebrock, also won, beating Yolanda Therrien in straight sets. We played a tough doubles team, Ruth Young and Sue Sprague from San Diego first round. We last played them in the semis of the clay courts. We won 64 62. Tomorrow I play Donna Drosner and Tracy plays Mary Ginnard, from her club in Fort Lauderdale. We play Mary Firek and Therrien in the doubles quarters.

Tomorrow is the official dinner, so I may or may not be able to post tomorrow. Results are now up from today,


Below are a few more photos of 17 mile drive from my detour on my way home today.


IMG_4717 IMG_4725 IMG_4742    IMG_4805

IMG_4733 IMG_4737

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