Checket Cup Finals

Suella Steel won the 65 singles and doubles at the Checket Cup for the second straight time. She beat unseeded Heidi Attelfellner in the singles final and combined with Sheila Weinstock to win the doubles. Mary Boswell, center, cruised to victory in her first 75 event. She beat world #1 Louise Russ in the singles final and combined with Russ to win the doubles. Fran Chandler, bottom, won a 4-hour battle against Mariana Hollman to take the 45 title. Mary Dailey/Diane Fishburne won the 45 doubles. Anne Guerrant won the 55 singles over Peggy Machoian. Cindy LePrevost/Sue Bramlette won the 55 doubles. Trish Riddell cruised to the 35s title. For all results, click here.

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