Day 10 and 11 and A Jog on the Beach

On Tuesday I beat the # 22 seed from Canada 62 75 . Yesterday I lost in the round of 16 to the 8th seeded player from Great Britain. I was really disappointed after my loss since I felt I had a decent chance to win this match. I started quickly with a 3-0 lead and then my opponent came back to 3-3 and we then held serve to 6-6 . The tie breaker was close , but I made three silly mistakes to lose the breaker 7-5. I also double faulted at 4-4 in the breaker – I could not believe I could double fault at that moment. I would have felt a little better about it if I had at least tried for an ace or hit a hard first serve, but I missed two second serves in a row to double fault. I then hit a really good backhand passing shot at 4-5 to even the score . I then made two easy forehand errors to lose the breaker . Again I can not understand how I could miss either forehand – it is my best shot and I still missed it on the two most important points of the match. Sometimes nothing makes sense on the court and this was one of those moments. The second set was 6-2 – the score was really much closer but he had all the momentum, and I just could not turn things around in the match. So I ended my tennis singles tourney in Turkey with a loss . My partner Bob Exel and I have now won three doubles matches including beating the 5th seed today and are now in the quarter finals.
The best quoted of the day came from of my doubles partner after I hit an easy set up shot for our opponent to put away – Bob smiled at me and said softly ” You know we are on the same team.”

I took a run today after my doubles match on the Mediterranean Sea beach in front of my hotel. Although I was happy my doubles partner and I won our match , I was still feeling a little down from losing my singles match from the day before . Running for me is a great way to resolve any possible things that might be bugging me and it is great way to stay in shape and relax after working . My theory about running is the following : At some point during a run when you start getting tired , your brain goes into survival mode. It is at this moment that all unresolved issues are quickly solved and 100% of your energy and focus is to just survive the run! I would suggest to anyone to run or workout each day. You will feel better and you will be able to solve all your problems. Another interesting point about running – most doctors will tell you that if you exercise or run an hour day you will live at least 5 years longer . The funny part of this advise is if you add up all the hours you run to gain these years – you will have spent about 10 years exercising for the 5 years you gained.

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