Day 6 and 7 and a story about The Amazing Land of Sinnet

Our team had two rough  days of competition. We lost to Italy and Great Britain in 3-2 matches.  Yesterday I played #2 singles against Italy  and lost to by a score of 61 61. My opponent was in complete control from the first point to the last point I played. Mike beat another very good #1  player from Italy and then Mike and Ken lost a close rubber match . Today we played Great Britain . Tom started us out with a win and then Mike lost to one of the best slice backhand players  in the tournament. Again the match came down to the doubles – after a rain and  darkness delays, they finally returned to the courts under the lights and lost a very close match. Tomorrow we play our last team match for either 7th or 8th place.

Today during the rain delay ,   as   I was just resting in a chair near the tournament desk,   a  strange  green fog suddenly  covered the tennis area . Now the wind began to blow very violently,   and I was  lifted up by this green fog like  a magic carpet high into the air. Higher and higher I went until I passed  out . Moments later I felt a pinch on my noise and voice saying " It’s time to play – It’s time to play" I opened my eyes and I was shocked to see a  funny looking round creature with a yellow fuzzy face  staring at me. He repeated " It’s time to play " and added " Welcome to land of  Sinnet  ( pronounced Sinay) . My name is Lab and  you are here to play "   Lab and I were on a  tennis court , but it was not like any other tennis court I have been on before .  The court was filled with many colors and all the lines constantly moved  and the net went  up and down at different speeds for no particular reason . There were courts in every direction much like the courts at the Ali Bey Tennis club , but these courts  were all different shades of the rainbow . There were people now playing tennis all around me in many different directions. Lab then started the game by throwing a round object at me that looked like a mini- Lab  and told me to hit it . As I hit the mini- Lab,  it whistled a song that sounded  like " Play all day – It’s fun to play." Now all the rainbow colored courts began  to move too . It was like playing tennis in a  spinning Kaleidoscope . Somehow I now knew all   the rules of the game. The object was hit the mini-Labs anywhere and everywhere ,  and the mini-Labs  would somehow return back to you. If I  wanted to hit a forehand , I would  hit a  backhand . If I wanted to serve, I would do a return . To hit the min-lab over the net  , I would hit it towards the ground . If I wanted to play on my court, I would play to another court. Everything was the opposite of what I had always known about tennis, but I did not care -  I was having fun. Suddenly the green fog appeared again, and I was  lifted high into the air . When I open my eyes this time , the sun was out at the Ali Bey tennis courts, and I was still in my chair.  I wondered if I was really went to Land Of Sinnet ( tennis backwards) or maybe I never left.  I was going to play tennis today and I was happy to play.

The wind whistled again by me,  and I thought I could hear "Play all day – it’s fun to play." 

Photos attached -Chair I was sitting in before the Green Fog and  Doubles at night – Mike and Ken

 IMG_3411 IMG_3425

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