DeVries Claims 80s Crown; Nichols/Karwasky & Carter/Wachob to Play Gold Friday

Dori DeVries of Reno claimed her first national title in the 80s (she turns 80 in December) when she beat two-time former world champion Inge Weber of Toronto, Canada 62 63 on Thursday. Inge said that Dori was hitting heavy slices with her big racquet that were hard to reach. Dori also moves exceptionally well. Carol Wood, Rockville, MD beat Mary John Lynch of Texas to win the bronze.

The 80s doubles final is tomorrow between DeVries/Wood and Judith Smith (MA)/Weber. It should be a good one.

In the 70s, Brenda Carter (SC) and Betty Wachob (FL) advanced to the singles final without dropping a set. Carter beat Susan Kimball (MA) and Carter beat Cathie Anderson (CA). Then the dynamic duo combined to reach the doubles final with a straight set win over Ann Hunt(SC)/Judy Louie. They face Lee Delfausse (VT) and Kimball in the final.

In the 60s, Tina Karwasky (CA) beat Sherri Bronson (AZ) 61 61. Sherri said Tina played an impeccable match, hitting winners from everywhere. She said she tried hitting high and hitting low and Tina kept hitting winners, something she’s quite adept at. I beat the #2 seed, Wendy McColskey (NC) 60 61 but the second set especially was much closer than that score would indicate. There was a lot of running involved and we had some long points and a few long games. In doubles, Tina and Jan Kirkland/Cochran (GA) edged Kathy Foulk (FL)/Bronson 76 (2) 64. I watched part of the second set; in the tiebreak, Jan took over and played brilliantly, mixing up lobs, good serves and sharp angles and Tina demolished overheads and returns. Foulk/Bronson played well to get there, running down the aforementioned lobs and showing nice hands and sharp volleys themselves. Pat Purcell (MO) and I beat Yoko Anderson (CA) and Susan Davis (CA) 61 60 and so take on Tina and Jan in the final tomorrow.

Results & Draws:

The men’s tournament got going in earnest today, though the younger (50 and under) and older (75 and over) divisions mostly start play tomorrow. Hugh Thompson, the #3 seed in the 70s (and who is also playing the 65 & 70 doubles) warmed me up today and we both won our matches. I saw Ross Persons who was playing Henry Kennedy from DC, an excellent dropshotter (but Ross is a more excellent runner). They were having a very friendly match but Ross covered a LOT of ground. Kennedy was also playing 65 singles where he upset one of the 5-8 seeds. Val Wilder was out playing 55 singles; he had a pretty tough match but prevailed. He’s on a team going to Helsinki in June. Alex Behar, also on the men’s 55 team, also won his match.

The atmosphere is nice here…there’s a big porch overlooking courts 9 & 10 and lots of people are watching matches on those courts while waiting to play or eating lunch from the club restaurant. It makes for a nice feeling, as many of the senior tournaments are held in shall we say, a quieter atmosphere.

Draws and results:

Now for the photo of the day (I’ll try to post more tomorrow or Saturday after I finish my matches and can focus on that): When’s the last time you saw a vending machine that carried Tab! I do like Louisiana I think.


Tab dispenser

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