Durban, Sunday April 16th

Hello again from Durban. The Captains’ meeting was held today. The USA Bueno Cup (women’s 50s) is seeded #1 and has a day off tomorrow, Monday. We are in a round robin group with Spain and Turkey.
The other seeds are #2 Australia, #3 Great Britain and #4 Netherlands. Austria is #5. We play Spain on Tuesday and Turkey on Wednesday.
The top teams from each group will go into a knockout draw later in the week, (semis and final) to play for the Bueno Cup.
The 35s team, Lenglen Cup, is seeded #3 behind France. They do play tomorrow, against I believe the Netherlands. They have 11 teams, 2 groups of 4 teams and one group of 3 teams. the top team in each group will play in a 3 team round robin to determine the Cup on Thurs-Sat.
The 40s team, the Young Cup, has the day off on Monday. I believe they are seeded #1.
The 45s team, the Margaret Court Cup team, is seeded #3 behind Australia and France.  They are in a round robin group with 4th seeded Great Britain. They are in a group of 4 teams, and there is a group of 3 teams and another with 4 teams. The top team in each group will play in a round robin later in the week to determine their Cup. The Court Cup is being played in Pietermaritzburg, about an hour or so from Durban.
The 55s team, the Maureen Connolly Cup team is seeded #2 behind Australia and the 3rd seed is Great Britain and the 4th is France. The USA is in the same round robin group as France I believe. They are in a round robin group of 5 teams, and Australia is in a RR group of 4 teams, there are 9 overall in this Cup. The USA must win its round robin group in order to vie for the Cup on Saturday.
Men’s Austria Cup are seeded 3rd behind #1 Australia #2 Spain,  then #4 Great Britain, #5 France. There are 14 teams. USA plays Turkey tomorrow.

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