Eisenstein, Matthiessen Complete Golden Slams


Betty Eisenstein beat Elaine Mason in the final of the 80 Indoors in Portland, Oregon on Friday the 26th of August 63 75. This win completed her third consecutive 80’s singles slam. It was Mason’s closest match of the year with Eisenstein, who has lost only one singles set in 3 years of 80’s singles play.
Pat Niehaus and Cathie Hall added to their 80 hard court doubles title with a win at the 80 indoors. They beat Mason and Marion Tyrell 64 64 in the final.
Dorolthy Matthiessen completed her 2nd singles slam in as many years, and also completed a doubles slam as well (with 3 different partners, Boots Van Nostrand (clay), Belmar Gunderson (hard and grass) and Mary Boswell (indoors). She won the 65’s singles slam last year. She beat Mary Boswell in the final, someone who can attest to how difficult it is to win all 4 nationals in one year. Mary won 3 of the 4 national 70’s singles titles in 2002-2004, but never won 4 in one year. Boswell had edged Burnett Herrick in 3 long sets in the semis to reach the final.
Matthiessen/Boswell beat Canby/Ray in the final of the 70’s doubles.
There were 2 entrants in the 90’s as well.

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