FAQ: 2021 Tournament Changes

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Q. Are ranking points awarded for voluntary consolations?

Yes, ranking points per win will be awarded for voluntary consolation as well as round-robin formats.

Q. How will round robin points fit in the points table?

Round robins will have points per win table based on the tournament level played.

Q. Should we mandate Cat 1 to use the best of three set formats unless unforeseen events, such as weather delays the progression of the event? The other formats would then be optional for TD’s to implement if needed to keep the event on the schedule.

The Adult Comp Committee is working on a proposal for a consistent scoring format for all Level 1 tournaments. Once the proposal is approved, we will have another TD webinar to discuss the new changes.

Q. Is ranking based on age and NTRP?

Yes, the ranking will be based on age group and NTRP levels. For example, if I am a player that plays 18+ 3.0 women’s singles events, I will show up on 18+ 3.0 women’s singles rankings.

Q. Will the ranking points for any level will be awarded “the same” for any of the scoring options a director uses?

Yes, as long as the scoring format falls in the list of scoring formats available, that will not impact the points awarded.


Q. Will consolation allow only one match; not a complete draw? And if consolation requires a draw, won’t this discourage clubs from holding tournaments due to court time needs, especially indoors?

Although we strongly encourage tournament directors to finish the consolation draws, we understand that some unforeseen circumstances may arise. For this reason, it is ok if consolation draws are not fully completed.

Q. Are fast four formats still available?

Yes, a short set format will be available across all levels.

Q. Will there be 2 out of 3 sets in any tournaments?

There will be 2 of 3 sets in various levels of tournaments. However, for the L6 & L&7 tournaments that option will not be available.

Q. How are Open tournaments affected?

Open tournaments will not be affected. If anything, open tournament players will have the opportunity to generate a national ranking based on their performance.

Q. Is there a chart showing the “Maximum # of Rounds per day” that can be played and Rest Periods in the various scoring systems?

Yes, you will be able to find this at Friend at Court. Please click on the following link: Friend at court


Q. Will there be regulations concerning NTRP tournament players “playing up”, similar to the Leagues to allow for more accurate ratings?

Yes, we will continue to align as much as possible with the League program for NTRP sanctioned tournaments, and follow their rules as it relates to playing down and up, appeals, self-rate process.

Q. Will the National NTRP Championships in 2022 reflect the 18s, 40s and 55s categories of NTRP ranked tournaments in 2021?

Yes, in 2022 the NTRP divisions for NTRP Nationals will reflect 18s, 40s, 55s divisions.

Q. Will NTRP Tournaments have Open Divisions?

No, we will not have NTRP Open divisions for now. We are looking at expanding the NTRP tournament product, but we need to do so in phases.

Q. Will suspension also include league play?

The league program does not follow the same suspension point system, as other programs do. For now, it does not count towards the leagues program. 

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