Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Hard Courts, Semifinal Day

It was another beautiful day in the Palm Springs area, sunny of course and only in the 80s…tomorrow will hot up back to 94. Dad and I played a very tough team, Alissa and Ralph Finerman…not only is Alissa a terrific age division player…but her age division is 45s and her dad, like the dad we played yesterday is just 80 this year. We had a good first set and had chances to win…Dad played really well again, but we lost it 76, after which the Finermans really relaxed, especially Mr Finerman and they blitzed us 60. However we have another match tomorrow for third and fourth and a chance to finish the tournament on a winning note. Below, Alissa and Ralph Finerman.


Susan Wright and her dad Enver Mehmedbasich had a tussel with the team from Baton Rouge, Fenasci and Bienvenue but came out on top 76 64. We play the Baton Rouge team tomorrow. The dad is 81 and plays a lot of tournaments and does well, and the daughter is a nice player so it’ll be a good battle tomorrow again.  Susan and her dad and brother Michael are below. WP_20150509_18_47_32_Pro 

In other divisions, there weren’t any upsets, so great job by the seeders. In mother/son Seeman/Namu play the McBrides; in senior father/daughter, the Holladays cruised to the final and play the Morse-Karzens who didn’t have much more trouble reaching the final; In the super seniors though the Ahlers/O’Connor team, the 2nd seeds, had to come back from a set down to win; they played a 70 year old dad and his 15 year old daughter…they will be a force in the 80s for sure! They play Bill White and his daughter Stephanie in the final.

There was a nice player dinner at The Springs’ clubhouse which was very nice, good food and good atmosphere. The tournament director Sheryl Hirschman and her husband are below as are a picture of my parents and me. 

WP_20150509_19_42_45_Pro WP_20150509_19_41_15_Pro


All results: http://tennislink.usta.com/tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=168951#&&s=7Draws7

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