Final Day in Ashburton

Today was finally sunny in Ashburton. There were only 2 matches today, USA vs Gr Britain and New Zealand vs So Africa.

As I wrote earlier we won 3/0. Tina won 6162 against Sally Freeman in about an hour. Then I played Frances Candy who beat me at the World Championships last year. I was nervous but confident about our doubles chances even if I lost which was reassuring.

I played, for me, really well. I didn’t make many errors and even came to net a few tomes! I won 61 61 and clinched the win. Sherri and Mary played Sally and Pat and won 64 61.

We loaded up the car, Susan, Sherri, Kathy and I did. It is packed! Susan even had to relinquish her spot in the front passenger seat to the long legged Kathy Vick! We are in Timaru where the 40 & 45s played and are going to crash here tonight, then on to Queenstown. Many players are going there since the world Championships were cancelled. Photos just posted.

Location:Timaru, New Zealand

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  1. Great job everyone! Congratulations! Thank you so much for the hospitality and generosity you showed to your ChristChurch refugees! It was greatly appeciated by all of us. The Rollings arrived home safely Thursday (your Friday). Enjoy the rest of your time there. Leland

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