First Round Success in Baden Baden

This will be quick. I am having a tough time uploading posts. The internet is dial up speed on a good day. I wrote a long post yesterday but was unable to post it. I will be hugging my cable modem and router when I get home!

I had four days of good practice leading up to my match today. I warmed up with Lieslot Prechtel, the top seed in the 50s, and played second match on Ct 5…not before 10:30. Matches here are assigned to specific courts, with “not before” times for some. I played the vice president of the Club here and won 60 60. The tough thing about the match was her serve…she had a vey high and erratic toss, which she caught repeatedly. Then she’d miss the first serve, and again , 2-4 tosses and often an egregious footfault later, the point would start. But the rest of her game was ok, and she was quite nice.

Tomorrow I play Christiane from Belgium. She had a 4.5 hour match today against the #3 seed, a counterpuncher. Christiane won 67 63 75. She hits hard forehands and backhands, and has a good serve, so it will be a challenge.

I am in the semis, and play 3rd match on tomorrow.

PS: My bike is operable now. Stephanie from the club knew a club member who owns a bike shop. She took me there Tuesday morning and took me back Tuesday night to pick it up. It is sans bumper and bike rack but otherwise working well. Thanks Stephanie!

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