Font de Sa Cala Tuesday: Practice & Market Day

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October 4, 2022, Tuesday

Font de sa Cala, Mallorca, Spain

Today was a practice day as none of the quarterfinalists were scheduled to play today. I practiced with Carole DeBruin of Netherlands at the pretty Son Besso Tennis Club in the morning.

From the porch at Son Besso there is a view of the sea…and a restaurant.

After practice I drove to Arta for the Tuesday market, one of the biggest in Mallorca. I found a parking spot about a kilometer (6/10 of a mile) from the market and it was an easy walk to the market area, which encompassed not only the actual market area (where there were temporary tents and stalls) but also side streets, and one building which housed fruits, vegetables, cheeses, some meats and olives. I bought about a pint of olives and it was only 3.50 euros ($3.50). Delicious and there were a lot of varieties to choose from. There was also a long line for freshly roasted chickens, long partly because they couldn’t keep up with demand… There were lots of stalls selling clothes, everything from underwear to leather jackets to belts (lots of belts), others selling Mallorcan baskets, pottery and hats, a few selling edible items, cheeses, meat, and lots of jewelry stalls. It was very busy and fun to look around. Along the side of the street leading the market were restaurants where people were dining outside.

Mallorcan peppers, woven hats and baskets, and a view of the market day crowd.

I returned to Font de sa Cala in time to get a morning practice court. I’m pretty sure I’ll play tomorrow but I don’t know what time.

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