Forest Hills 2010

Singles Winners: 

30: Trish Riddell beat Jenny Lee

40: Julie Cass beat Vesna McKenna

50: Susan Wright beat Tina Karwasky (for her 3rd 50+ singles title of the year)

60: Kerry Young beat Heide Orth

70: Donna Fales beat Susanne Clark

80: Susanne Ryerson beat Louise Russ

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Doubles Winners:


30: Hubernova/Lumia d. Diehl/Riddell

40: Cass/McKenna d. Pensanti/Powers

50: Karwasky/Tracey Thompson d. Tracy Hagen/Wright

60: Molly Hahn/Young d. Judy Louie/Orth

70: Fales/Roberta Sung d. Carol Wood/Dori deVries

80: RR: 1st: Jane Lutz/Ryerson; 2nd: Joyce Jones/Angie Ray


All results:

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