Frankfurt Museum Sunday

Sundays are for anything but shopping in Germany…stores are closed so everyone relaxes, on a nice day (it was 93 and sunny here) the outdoor areas and cafes are busy…the museums, though open, were pretty quiet. I went to two museums, the Goethe Haus, where Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born and lived till he was a young man. Goethe was many things but was known for his writing (he wrote Faust among other works), but also plays, poetry and more.

The house, which was destroyed in WW2, then rebuilt, consists of four stories, though each room was not particularly large, the house was lovely, with a beautiful staircase, and a lot of small rooms, 4-5 on each floor…today it would probably consist of only a couple on each floor. There was a music room, a library, dining room, kitchen with a pump for water, a salon, a parlor, a few bedrooms, no bathrooms, a chimney that sent heat to the rooms.

I wandered around the house for a while, it wasn’t too busy, then did a quick tour of the Romantisch museum next door before heading towards the waterfront to see the Stadel Art Museum.

The art museum had a few closed exhibits, so I just saw the old masters painting (lots and lots of paintings of the holy virgin and Jesus), and the modern art section (which I don’t understand…an artist who devotes himself to painting black on squares of canvas?).

Stadel Art Museum

I wandered back along the Main River, then through the Romer (new-old town) to my hotel. The riverfront area was busy with families, people biking, walking and riding scooters. The boat tours seemed quite popular too, the boat I saw was pretty packed. The squares were crowded with people walking around, eating and about every five feet there seemed to be an ice cream store.

Main River activity, New Old Town, Lime Scooters waiting for riders, Eschenheimer Turm (a survivor of a 15th century fortress wall)

And that’s a wrap on this trip…off home tomorrow morning!

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