Great Walks, Apple Picking & Nuit Blanche 17, Toronto

Hello again from Toronto. The last few days I’ve taken walks in an old brickyard , through the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, attended “buit Blanche” a contemporary art festival and gone apple picking outside Ontario.

I’ve been visiting a friend in Toronto who has two very energetic dogs (you may have seen them if you every watch any of DrErinB’s videos on instagram or youtube), Olive (poodle/golden cross) and Ruby (Australian Shepard). So we’ve gone on many walks and the area is really nice. There’s the Evergreen Brick Works, the site of a brick factory which made many of the bricks that built Toronto, and now is a very nice nature area with ponds and lots of trees and walking paths.

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There’s also the Mt. Pleasant (what a name!) Cemetary which is peaceful and beautiful with many interesting tombstones and crypts. The Eaton crypt, of Eaton Center fame was the size of a small bungalow.

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Last night Erin, her daughter Hannah and I went to Nuit Blanche which was very confusing to me! It’s a one night cultural festival with installations all over the downtown area. Though the art was difficult to understand, we walked for a long time and there was good energy, tons of people and I saw the City Hall, Provincial Hall and the lights on the buildings was interesting.

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Today Erin and I went apple picking in the afternoon at Pingles Farm Market  outside of Toronto. The place was packed, mostly with families. We bought a big bag (the only size offered), filled it with honey crisp apples (which are delicious), and also got an apple pie and pumpkin. There were also hay rides, a maze, a kids area and food. We then took the dogs to an off leash nature area, where we could see the Lake from the top (just a sliver). The dogs loved it, though they did manage to find two streams to wade in which made them  nice and wet and muddy!



Last bit of Canada trivia…did you know that milk here comes in bags? Three small bags in each large bag I’ve been told.

milk small

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