Hello from Mallorca

There is a huge ITF Seniors Tournament here in Mallorca…Germany? No, it’s really Spain, but pretty much everyone I’ve met speaks German, including the native Mallorcans, and people seemquite surprised when I answer in English. At the hotel, the registration card I was given was in German..not Spanish.

The Germans picked a beautiful site to adopt. The Mediterranean Sea, which I can see from my room, is incredibly blue and this part of the island is gorgeous, lots of green trees, hills, and then the Sea.

The tournament here, which is a huge one, starts on Sunday. The draws will be made tomorrow for singles and on Monday for doubles. There are 35-85 men and 35-80 women, singles, doubles, mixed.

The weather is gorgeous, really sunny and clear..,..rather like California.

There are courts across the street from my hotel, and I went today to hit against the backboard, and ended up with a hit with a Canadian guy who is here for the tournament…he said I was the first person he’d met who spoke English and not German.  I have another practice later. The view from the courts is lovely. It was quite windy (no windscreens), but it felt good to hit on the red clay.

There are at least a couple other Americans playing here, John Powless in the 75s and Mariana Hollman in the 45s. I’ll post more once I figure out how to link to the draws.