Houston, Tuesday

http://picasaweb.google.com/s/c/bin/slideshow.swfBrrrrr! That’s the official weather forcast for today….but the Sun was shining.
It was 40 for the 8:30 matches, and felt like 32.
Anyway, one upset in the 45s, Mary Johnson lost to Martha Condyles. The remaining 6 seeds advanced.
The Houston tournament committee and sponsors are feeding everyone awfully well….extensive breakfasts including rice, cheese, bagels, fruit etc and today a potato, soup and chili lunch. And there was some tennis too.
Susan Boyer reported a record (for her) short match, 1 hour 5 min, to beat clay court rookie Kim Lackey and advance to the quarters against Myke Bodisch…which match I would bet will take more than an hour. Kathy Vick had a tough match with the top German 45 player, Andrea Schmitz, winning 56 62 62. There were lots of long, deep rallies, but Kathy mixed up the pace better in the 2nd and third sets and her superior conditioning was a factor too.
Sally Graham upset Janel McGinley in three long sets to advance to the round of 16. A bad back put Greta Watson out, she retired down 2-1 to Barbara Sasser.
All 8 seeds are out to the quarters in the 65s. Lurline Fujii, who played way past 10pm last night, advanced more easily today.
#2 seed, Lucille Kyvallos withdrew from the 75s, due to illness, after play began. Anne Guerrant withdrew also from the 55s late last week.
All results, click here. Houston Results 08

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