Houston Wednesday

Longest match of tournament…any guesses as to who was involved and the length?

The semis are set in the 45-75.

45: Preissing vs Chandler and Boyer (bonus if you guessed she was involved in that long match) vs Loomis. Loomis took out Shelly Works (playing her first national 45s); Chandler took out Stillman-Scott (also playing her first national 45s); Preissing beat Mosvold and Boyer beat Tracy Houk in 5 hours 50 minutes (according to Houk). Houk was very happy with her match, since she’s been battling injuries for several years and was able not only to walk off the court but also to play a doubles match afterwawrds.

45 doubles: Chandler/Boyer vs Loomis/Dodman and Dailey/Smith vs Gerger/Bushman

55 Singles; Kandy Chain ousted 2 time defending champion Chieko Holt in 3 sets, rallying from a set and 41 down (finally figuring out a game plan that obviously worked) and plays Anne Guerrant (who beat Kathy Barnes)next while Martha Downing (who beat Kerry Young) faces Sherri Bronson (who beat Sue Bramlette).

55 Doubles: Young/Downing face Kirkland-Cochran/Holland in one semi and Bronson/Barnes face Babb/Peiffer in the other.

65 Singles: Lee Delfausse is playing great tennis right now…she just retired, played for 2 months on clay in Florida this year…and it seems to have payed off as she ousted #3 seed Cathy Anderson in three tough sets. Nanda Fischer likewise has been playing a lot and very well, and avenged her most recent loss (on hard courts) to Sinclair Bill, beating her in 3 sets today. Heide Orth and Suella Steel though made their way into the semis without inicident, Steel beating Terri Eggers and Orth beating Lurline Fujii.

The semis of the 65 doubles were today: Orth/Steel had to work to overcome Jane Pang/Anne Russ, but did so in 3 sets; Delfausse/Sheila Weinstock beat Retsy Wilson/Terri Eggers in the other semi.

75 singles: the top 4 seeds reached the semis: Boots Van Nostrand, Mary Boswell, Lucille Kyvallos and Anneke Balics. The 2 doubles seeds, Van Nostrand/Gunderson and Boswell/Burling are in the doubles final.

85s: Marion Tyrell and Betty Eisenstein reached the semis.

More tomorrow maybe.

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