Individual World Championships Day 1 and Market Day in Cala Rajada

Today was a day off from tennis for me, but the Individual World Championships began in earnest for many of the players, including Susan’s husband Tim Wright & Tracey Thompson who are staying with us.

Tim played a Romanian player who did not speak English. The match lasted well over three hours according to Susan and in the third the Romanian was cramping and delaying a lot, but Tim persevered and won 63 in the third. Tim and Tracey also won mixed against a Canadian pairing. Tim has a day off from singles and Tim and Tracey play a tough Aussie pair in mixed.

Bunnie Jackson and Jenny Cerff (who swapped places today with Carolyn Lane who moved to the Beach Club for the second week as her partner is arriving) play singles tomorrow and Carolyn and Jenny both play mixed.

After doing a lot of writing and photo editing in the morning Carolyn, Tracey, Bunnie and I went to the market in Cala Rajada. None of them had been there before. We went first to the fruit and vegetable area, where I got more Padron peppers, and we bought tomatoes (not giant ones but the same Rosa variety which are the best!), some grapefruit and apples. I also bought a roasted chicken (ready in an hour after I ordered it). The roasted chickens at the markets are really good.

We ran into a few Americans at the market, Brian and Anne Cheney and Toni Novack (who rode back with us). And of course we had to go to the supermarket on the way home. Each market has different items we like…Eroski for chicken (and cheerios), Lidl for berries and and vegetables and chocolates; Mercado for fresh fish and prepared foods, and Mueller for oatmeal, sunscreen and anything German. Today was an Eroski day.

Overall it was a relaxing day and the first day off I have had since Sept 27th! Tomorrow we are hitting a little early then going to watch and scout at Tennis Club Aguait where the women are playing.

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